Dolly Review: Lala-Oopsies Little Fairy Lilac

Do you love Lalaloopsy?  I do!  And I’m here to introduce you to a new spin off line Lala-Oopsies!  Oopsies come in two sizes– the regular size that we’ve seen with the Lalaloopsy line and in ‘little’ form, as well.

All four Lala-Oopsies Littles

All four Lala-Oopsies Littles

For Christmas, I was gifted a Lala-Oopsies Little named Fairy Lilac.  She’s super adorable and such a cute size.

Lala-Oopsies Fairy Lilac

Lala-Oopsies Fairy Lilac

Oopsie Littles are the same small size as the little Lalaloopsy’s.  They’re made of the same material we’re used to and have posable arms and legs. Their heads movie left, right, up, down, and around.  Unlike other Lalaloopsy’s, this Oopsie holds arm and leg poses pretty well.

Oopsies come with a fabric pod, poster, and bookmark

Oopsies come with a fabric pod, poster, and bookmark

Each Oopsie comes with a poster, a bookmark (which is also the handle on the packaging), and a carrying pod.  The Pod is actually pretty well made for an accessory.  It’s fabric with a lined inside so the Oopsie sits just right inside it.  The pod utilizes a plastic zipper to stay closed and has a plastic ‘stem’ that you can attach to your backpack, making her a perfect travel companion.

The Pod (with the cardboard cut out inside)

The Pod (with the cardboard cut out inside)

Oopsies are fairies, so of course they have wings!  Their wings fold up tight behind them to ‘disappear’ and then fold back out to be displayed in all their glory.



All Oopsies are multicolored.  Lilac is (what I call) pink and blue.  While Lalaloopsy’s were getting some flack for poor paint jobs, this Oopsies line seems to be well put together so far.  Hopefully, MGA keeps it up!

Sew cute!

Sew cute!

For those who like watching video reviews, check out the YT video below!

As far as cons go, I have none.  All in all, I adore this Lala-Oopsies Little!  She’s adorable, the perfect size, and a super cute addition to the Lala family.

What do you think of the new Lala-Oopsies Littles?  Share your thoughts below!

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Lalaloopsy Littles– In Stores Now!

Recently, I stumbled upon this presentation video for Lalaloopsy Littles.  Lalaloopsy Littles are the kid sisters of the already popular Lalaloopsy’s.  I foresee these being *big* this holiday season, so I suggest picking these up early if you want them under the Christmas tree!!!!

Here’s the promo video:

Bundles Snuggle N’ Stuff is the younger sibling of Mittens Fluff N’ Stuff.  Specs Reads a Lot belongs to older sister Bea Spells a Lot.  My favorite Little is Sprinkle Spice Cookie.  Her older sister is Crumbs Sugar Cookie.  And finally, we have Squirt Little Top, younger sister of Peanut Big Top.


Three out of the four are sold out on, but keep an eye out on store shelves and you might be able to snag one or two for yourself!

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Do You Lalaloopsy?

I’ve been bitten– this time by the recent Lalaloopsy craze!  My history with these dolls goes back pretty far– as in remembering them on the store shelves under the original product name ‘Bitty Butons’!  These adorable dolls colorful, durable, and oh ‘sew’ adorable!  Keep your eyes peeled for these new additions to the Lalaloopsy line, which should be hitting store shelves soon!  (Note: Lalaloopsy’s Facebook page recently gave out codes to get a secret pre-sale pass.  Some of those codes are being sold on ebay for insane prices.  My advice– ignore ebay and just wait for these to hit your store!)

Marina Anchors- Of the new girls, she’s my favorite.  I’ve always had a soft spot for sailor dresses and the braids  Sew adorable!

Sahara Mirage- I’m really liking the hair-do on this doll and her pet is cute!

Misty Mysterious- Look at her cute shoes!

Sir Battlescarred- How cute is this little guy?  Patch, the original pirate themed boy in the line, is cute, but I think Sir Battlescarred will have to come join me at my house. He’s adorable from head to toe!

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