Dolly Report: Skipper, Barbie’s Little Sister

A Dolly Report on: Skipper Barbie’s Little Sister

We all know the history of Barbie.  ‘Born’ in 1959, she was made by Ruth Handler after a quick trip to Germany where Ruth saw a Bild Lilli doll that would inspire her to create a similar doll named ‘Barbie’ after her daughter, Barbara.

Then, shortly after, we had ‘Ken’.  It was match made in heaven as the two love birds found each-other in 1961.

And now, to the star of this Doll Report, ‘Skipper‘.  Skipper came out in 1964 as a little sister to Barbie.  Skipper was made to appease the audience who thought Barbie was too mature and womanly for their young ones to play with.

Skipper is my favorite doll and is the collection I put above all my others.  her appeal is instant.  With the vintage dolls, you instantly notice the beautiful face and the three (though I would argue that she had far more) shades of hair (Brunette, Blonde, and Titan).  Vintage Skipper is proper and fun all in one combination.

Vintage Skippers can also fetch a hefty price on the second hand market, depending on condition, but for those who don’t mind a ‘fixer upper’, I’m sure you can find one for a decent price.  One of my favorite Skippers is the Japanese Market Skipper.  She has eyes are that drastically different from the other markets.  Her eyes look more like the traditional dolls made in Japan at that time, side glancing and painted with black paint.  She’s very hard to find and very expensive, but is so pretty that she’s definetly worth it for a collector!

The 80’s and early 90’s Skipper, also known as the ‘Big Eyed’ Skipper is a favorite of mine, as well.  I grew up with that Skipper and most in my collection are ones came from birthday parties and christmases.  The ‘Big Eyed’ headmold came out around 1988 with the ‘Teen Fun’ line.  The ‘Teen Fun Line’ is an adorable line of dolls and actually includes two of the few Skipper dolls to have an eye color other than blue!  Of the three dolls, one has blue eyes, one has purple eyes and one has pretty brown eyes.  Odd, right?  I think so.

Through out the 90’s and early 2000’s, we saw more new molds for Skipper.  In 2003, we saw our last Skipper for a while (Rio Di Jenario) before she was sent off to ‘Boarding School’.

This little stop actually helped me a bit, as it gave me time to catch up on the vintage dolls without having to worry about new issues. Course, it also makes you notice how expensive each older doll can be and how nice it was to be able to walk into Toys R Us and pick up a new doll on the spot!

Thankfully, Mattel heard us collectors and came out with a Skipper to celebrate Barbie’s 50th.  She looks younger than she did before she went to boarding school, but, let me tell you, I adore this doll and hope they make more with this mold/body.  Camping Skipper has great hair, blonde with purple highlights and a great looking face.

And there you have it…  More info on specific Skippers is sure to be posted sometime, but for  now, this is all for the Dolly Report.


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  1. mary/skippercollector replied:

    I have two Skipper pages, plus I participate in another one.
    This is my blog in which I listed all the Skippers and Barbies made up through 1999:
    This is my Twitter page, which is mostly trivia about Skipper:
    This is a discussion group about her:
    If the links don’t work, you can copy and paste them.

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