Dolly Report: Hujoo Wings

Almost two years ago, I became aware of a new line of dolls called Hujoo’s.  Hujoo’s are similar to Asian ball jointed dolls, because they wear removable wigs and removable eyes.  The difference between most Hujoo’s and BJD’s is the fact that most commonly you’ll see Hujoo’s made from ABS Plastic and not resin.  Hujoo’s do come in resin, but I personally have seen more made from ABS.

Happily, I received my first Hujoo this Christmas season!  As with most BJD like dolls, I have her a cool, hip name– Kyp.  Kyp is a Hujoo Wings with an immature body.  Wings look slightly less alien than the original Hujoo’s, in my opinion.  The main keypoint in their face are their big Little Miss No Name/Blythe type eyes.

I recommend you check out the Hujoo website at and for those who want to order from a site within the US, check out


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  1. Introducing Makielab’s Makies | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter... replied:

    […] According to Makie’s PR, the dolls have a similar weight to ABS plastic (which is what Hujoo‘s are made of), but a totally different […]

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