Tonner’s Doctor Who/Torchwood Line

Back in January of 2009, a doll collecting blog mentioned that prototypes of Tonners Doctor Who/Torchwood line were on display at IDEX.  Because they were still being worked on, no pictures were allowed (or at least none have surfaced).  The doll line seems to be featuring The 10th doctor (David Tennant), companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), Captain Jack (John Barrowman) and Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles).  As an avid fan of the New Doctor Who series, I want these dolls.  The characters they chose for this first round are good solid choices.  Would I have liked the first companion to be Rose?  Yes, but I’ve heard (and this could be rumor) that she didn’t release her likeness, so I doubt we’ll ever see a Rose doll.

In July 2009, I attended San Diego Comic Con.  Tonner had a booth in the dealers hall so I thought why not ask about the Doctor Who/Torchwood Line…  The booth manager said they were still planning on releasing them, but that the sculpt was still being ok’d by those who needed to sign off on it.

Now, in September 2009, I e-mail Tonner about any possible release date  and received the same answer as I did at SDCC.  You’ll notice on the Tonner website, it says under availability, “Remains in Approval by the BBC”.  Seems to me it’s been being approved by the BBC for about a year now.  Can’t they just sign off on these darn dolls so doll collectors and Whovians can get their hands on them?

With David Tennant now regenerated into the 11th doctor, played by Matt Smith, I wonder if that will put a hiccup in the plans for this  doll line.  I doubt it, because David Tennant is quite popular and will always be a favorite Doctor among fans, but I wonder if because he’s left, if the right to use his image has left, too?  I have no idea.  All I know is Tonner needs to hurry up the process or at least get us some pictures, even if they are subject to change.

Are you waiting for the Doctor Who/Torchwood dolls to finally be released?  What fandom are you?  Whovian or Doll Collector or Both?  If they do eventually come out with this line, what dolls would you like to see next?


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