Richard Simmons on The Bonnie Hunt Show Talks Dolls

To be honest, I’m not sure what dolly related post to write tonight.  Ideas are floating around my head but nothing seems right.  So, let’s get onto the topic that won the night…

Did anyone watch Bonnie Hunt today?  So, a young reality starlet recently had ten plastic surgeries to make herself more like Barbie.  Ridiculous, especially because the reality girl is under 25, still growing into her body.

Anyway, Bonnie pulls out a cardboard fold out display.  In the middle is the girls new face, to the right is her old face, and to the left is a close up of a vintage Skipper doll.  Bonnie keeps referring to the picture of Skipper as Barbie.  The Skipper collector in me is correcting her every time she refers to Skipper as Barbie.

Tuesdays show had Richard Simmons on, which is where I found out that Richard is a huge doll collector (and designer)– he said there are 600 dolls on the first floor of his house.  E gads!  Because The Bonnie Hunt Show tapes two episodes a day, Richard was still in the studio watching the taping for the Wednesday (todays) show.

So, Bonnie goes to commercial on the Wednesday show after showing this chart and when she comes back, she has her phone in her hand and explains she got a text from Richard Simmons saying, “That’s not Barbie, it’s SKIPPER”.  Ha Ha Ha!!!  It had me laughing.  Totally what I would have said if my friend had made that mistake.

If I find video, I’ll be posting it for all to enjoy.  Gotta love doll humor…


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