Oops, My Bad! Or Drat That Ebay!

Ebay and me have a love hate relationship, or  should I say my bank account and Ebay…  I did a bit of Ebay shopping this week and have a couple new dolls coming into the house.  I thought, why not share?  

I picked up a Mini Pullip named Assa, who from promo pictures looks adorable.  I’m not a huge Pullip person, but have a few.  My collection includes the SDCC Exclusive Lala and a Taeyang dressed in samari garb.  I renamed him Sokka, and don’t remember his default name at the moment.  I picked up a Mini Pullip of Alice from Alice in Wonderland at SDCC last year.  Assa, who’s name will change eventually, will be my second Mini Pullip.  I’m excited about her.

Mini Pullips may not be able to pose well,  but are cute to display and are quite photogenic. 🙂  Expect photos on my Flickr when she arrives!

No picture for this, but do you remember The Babysitters Club series?  Remember the doll lines- one barbie sized and one taller type?   Being a product of the 80’s I own a few of the barbie sized BSC figures, but never got any of the tall ones…  Well, I found a tall (16″) Babysitters Club Kristy doll on ebay MIB for 10 bucks plus shipping and decided, why not pick her up and give her a home.  When Kristy arrives, I’ll post some pictures.  I’m actually quite excited about her!

One sad bit of news is that this awesome Skipper backdrop that came with the vintage Skipper and Skooter Bedroom playset I won recently on Ebay is never going to  arrive, or at least, not soon.  The seller lost the backdrop.  *sigh*  My fingers are crossed that s/he finds it and keeps his/her promise to give me the option to purchase it again.  Would have been neat for photos, but alas… Keep your fingers crossed!


January 23, 2010. Uncategorized.

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