New Hujoo’s Available on Official Website!

While surfing the Hujoo website I noticed they are offering some new dolls!  All at the time of this post are still available to purchase!

UPDATE:  2/2/10: Another NEW doll has appeared on the site!

Hujoo Wings Punk Boy– Limited to 10 sets WORLDWIDE ($125.00)

This ‘Punk Boy’ comes outfitted with a wine colored wig, random eyes, Black t-shirt, black shorts, and really cool shoes.  I really like this doll, though I find it hard to imagine it as a ‘him’ with the wig!


Hujoo Harvest Girl-– Limited to 20 sets WORLDWIDE!  ($125.00)

I love the coloring on this girl.  She comes with a complete outfit, wig, and eyes.  Her outfit comes with a cordory brown jumpsuite, white shirt, and shoes.  She is ABS Plastic.  So adorable!!!


Hujoo Wings Red Hood Boy– Limited to 20 sets WORLDWIDE! ($125.00)

Red Hood boy has barely open eyes and comes with a boy body.  He wears a hoodie, basic black pants, and shoes.  He will  come with an ivory colored wig and random eyes.  He’s ABS Plastic.

Cute, though I like my dolls with their eyes open more.


Hujoo Berry Sweetflower– Limited to 20 sets WORLDWIDE! ($125.00)

This adorable doll comes in a western style white blouse, white flowery skirt, and shoes.  She will come with a long or short  light brown wig. Eyes and wigs are chosen at random.

I love the face on this girl.  She really looks nothing like the original Hujoo.  Such pretty painted lips and eyes!


Hujoo Berry School GirlNot Limited ($120.00)

This cutie is an apricot skinned girl dressed in her school day best.  She will come with one of two ‘milk pink’ wigs.  Her eyes are chosen at random.

There is no mention of any limits on complete sets, so I don’t think you have to worry about her selliing out as quickly as the others.


Overall, my favorite is the Hujoo Harvest Girl.  I love her skintone and think outfit and wig choice are perfect. I’d like to see Hujoo come out with more of the Hujoo Babies– they are adorable.

Planning on picking up one of these pretties?   Send me pictures or post a link to them in the comments!  I’d love to see and possibly post your user pictures!


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