My Guide to Re-Rooting

My journey into the world of re-rooting was paved by internet tutorials.  I watched them on youtube and read them online… Since rooting my first doll with the traditional knot method, I thought, why not post my own photo tutorial!


Re-Rooting with the Knot Method On Barbie

Step one: Carefully take the head off the doll.  Clear the head of all original hair.  Cut the hair as close to the scalp as you can and then use pliers to pull out the access hair.

Step two: Set up your workspace.  Put hair, needles and pliers within reach.  Fill a bowl with some water.  Keep the hair long.  Even if you want a short cut, it’s easier to chop off hair than to extend it!

Step three: Thread a few strands of hair into a needle, roughly 15 or 16, but there is no need to count.  Water is on hand to wet the ends of hair, which make is easier to thread.

Step four: Push your needle through the hair plug going INSIDE the head.  Use pliers if the needle doesn’t want to go through smoothly.

Step five: Being careful of hitting the inside of the head, maneuver the needle through the neck.  Pull it out until you feel you have enough room to knot.

Step six: Knot the end of the hair coming out of the neck.

Step seven: Pull the hair poking out from the top of the head until the knot firmly hits the inside of the hair plug.

Step eight: Repeat until the head is completely rooted.


Tip 1: Have a plan.  If you are using two colors, think about how you’ll be setting them into the head before starting the job.

Tip 2: Start around the perimeter, then go across starting in the back, working your way upwards line by line (if possible).

Tip 3: Make a day of it.  Re-root on a day when your schedule is free.  I feel the hair is most manageable when it’s not moved all over and stopping and starting usually means moving the hair.

As always if you have any questions or feel I should add something, let me know in the comment section.  Good luck on your re-rooting journey!

COMING SOON: Re-rooting with the Tool Method and Re-rooting: The Youtube Tutorial


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One Comment

  1. Anonymous replied:

    This is EXACTLY how I do my reroots, I guess “GREAT MINDS REALLY DO THINK ALIKE” Hugs! Donnie

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