Dolly Report: Tonner’s Captain Jack Character Figure

Want to see pictures of Tonner’s Character Figure of Torchwood/Doctor Who’s Captain Jack? Here they are!

Jack stands at about 17″ tall and is limited to 2000 units.  He’s fully articulated and stands and holds poses really well.

The dolls likeness to actor John Borrowman is fantastic.  They  definitely got it right in the most important area– the eyes.  In my opinion that is the key to getting a characters likeness and Tonner did it.

Jack is dressed in his Torchwood attire and from what I can tell, the outfit is high quality.  I love the suspenders, even if they hide under the jacket.  When Jack arrives, his jacket will be tied up tight, like a robe.  Don’t leave it like that. It looks weird.  It might have been nice if they had a hidden snap inside the jacket so you could close the jacket and see the inside shirt, but odds are, like me, you’ll just want to keep the jacket open.

His only accessory is his watch.  This comes separate and needs to be put on him, which may take a minute or two, but it definitely completes the look. (No severed Doctor’s hand, I’m afraid!)

A quick sidenote– his hand are really big, even for his large size.  They could have made them a tinsy bit smaller.

A long shot, so you can see the ‘overall’ look.  I think it all goes together rather nicely.

To end this dolly report, here’s a shot of the box.  Look who’s also pictured with Jack and Gwen…  If Ianto ever does get made (which as of this writing has not been announced) and he looks as good as Jack does, well, I think I may just need to add him to my collection!


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