Monster High Dolls Are Here!

Check your local toy store and check out the new Monster High dolls by Mattel.  You’ll remember the hoopla from a few weeks ago when a small amount of the dolls were released prior to the official release date.

My mom and I ventured into Toys R Us yesterday and picked up two of them– Frankie and Lagoona.  Currently (until the end of July) the dolls are 16.99!  That’s cheaper than Amazon (at the time of this writing).  Note that in the store we went to, they weren’t with the Barbie dolls, but an aisle down from them.  (Bizarre, I know.)

I plan on taking photos of them and writing a bit of  a dolly report on them within the week!  Overall, though, I must say I really like them.  I was surprised by the fact that the dolls limbs are removable, but since my dolls are for display, it doesn’t matter much to me.  Don’t give these dolls to a kid who likes to chew on things, but that’s kind of common sense, isn’t it?

More on the new arrivals (with photos) soon!


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  1. My Thoughts on the Monster High Reboot | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] hunts in search of trying to find the first wave?  Tons of fun. My first Monster High purchase was Lagoona.  I was so excited to find her on the shelf!  And finding Holt and Ghoulia?  Also some very […]

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