Frankie Stein Heads to SDCC 2010!

Mattel announced that a greyscale version of Frankie Stein is going to be for sale at San Diego Comic Con this year.

With the con just a few days away, it seems like quite a late announcement, but an announcement, nonetheless.  It must still be a bit under the radar, as ebay searches for the doll bring up nothing. I really hope prices aren’t too high on ebay for this girl.  She looks fantastic!

Con-goers take note— Mattel is notorious for having a very badly planned sales booth.  It takes HOURS to get through the line, if you can make it into the line before they cap it.  If you really want something, make hitting Matty’s booth a priority.  Last year, I made it a priority and I never even got close to the booth.  (I was always there first thing, but found it capped each time I’d visit!!!)  Ask a booth runner how they are handling the line– they may be handing out tickets or even starting the line before the sales room opens, you never know.

Hasbro is the same way, though I did eventually get my Pony and Pet Shop character after 4 hours in line.

BTW, if any nice, kind, trustworthy reader of this blog does happen to attend and get an extra, message me!!!!


July 14, 2010. Uncategorized.

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