“Skipper – Barbie Doll’s Little Sister” is Here!

After too many years of inflated(outrageous, completely ridiculous) prices on the only Skipper doll price guide around, we finally have a second edition!  Released September 29th and now out of stock on Amazon.com (!!!), the 2nd edition of ‘Skipper- Barbie Doll’s Little Sister’ is here!  Put together by Trina Cottingham, Scott Arend, and Karla Hemingway, this book is roughly 250 pages long and looks to have a ton of information!

Here’s a quick blurb from Amazon about ‘Skipper- Barbie Doll’s Little Sister’.

“This long-awaited second edition of Skipper – Barbie Doll’s Little Sister features 16 additional pages of never-before-seen items including rare dolls, prototypes, and gift sets, and a new, updated price guide. Included are U.S. and foreign market Skipper dolls and friends, their clothing, licensed products, and gift sets manufactured from 1964 through 1978, the last year the first face mold was used. An entire chapter features all domestic and foreign issues of Skipper doll’s tiny twin brother and sister, Tutti and Todd, spanning their production years from 1967 through 1980.”

I really wish they would have gone into the 80’s/90’s Skipper lines, but for some reason, they were ignored.

Check back for a more detailed review of the book when I finally get my hands on it!!!  Have you read it?  What did you think?


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