Review: Monster High Scream Uniform- Frankie’s Fear Squad Uniform

This Christmas brought me many a new dolls. Two of those dolls were MIB First Wave Frankie Steins from Mattel’s Monster High line.  I decided to keep both because I wanted a Frankie I could dress up in the recently released outfits.

Since Christmas, I’ve been hunting around toy shops hoping to find her Fear Squad outfit and today I did!  Ironically enough, I found it at Justice, a clothing store.  (Yes, it boggles my mind, as well!)

Ignoring my huge problem with the fact that Justice has some pretty inflated prices and is selling the SDCC Frankie for the heavily inflated price of $69.99, I was quite happy to have found Frankie some clothes, even at $14.95.

The outfit comes with the fear squad uniform, shoes, earrings, bangle, and megaphone.  It was all set in easy to open packaging.  While I don’t have a picture, the packaging inserts really are cute and completely savable.  I see many a fan keeping the Frankie cut out for decoration or even a make shift paper doll!

Here’s a bit of the smaller pieces in more detail.  She wears blue skull earrings, and a blue bangle with a lighting bolt drawn in.  You’ll notice her Megaphone is shaped in the easily recognizable skull shape, as well!  (Okay, not so much in this picture, but it is shaped like the logo!)

Frankie comes with stylish heels (that I don’t think anyone could ever cheer-lead in) that look awesome!  I had a bit of trouble putting these heels on, but eventually (once I solicited help!), they made it on her feet.  It was happily surprised to see that Frankie has toes!  I had never taken her shoes off before.

Overall, I really like this outfit.  Of the four outfits released in this first wave, this is my favorite.  In all honestly, I think I’d redress other dolls in this outfit to have a whole squad, even with the stitch marks that adorn this uniform.

It seems to fit Frankie really well.  It went on like a glove and doesn’t ride up in any unmentionable places.  The overall look looks fantastic on Frankie and comes highly recommended!!!


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  1. ella replied:

    thanks the information was very usful the.Dolls and clothes are just so cute!!

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