Ball Jointed Dolls: A Wishlist

Ball jointed dolls have been around forever.  This post is about asian ball jointed dolls.  Typically, these dolls are made in resin, have inter-changable eyes and wigs, and can be found in really tiny sizes to super enormous sizes!

I bought my first BJD in August of 2008.  It was a Bobobie March. Standing at 27 cm, she’s tiny enough to fit in my room and wear easy to find Barbie clothes!

In October of 2008, I received a $25 ebay giftcard from co-workers and decided to put it toward a Doll In Mind Fantasia.  Fantasia is 43 cm tall and has the most fantastic ears.

2009 and 2010 were pretty dry years for me when it comes to resin ball jointed dolls.  This year, I plan on changing that…

Ball Jointed Dolls: A Wishlist

Doll In Mind- Flowne

This is the sister doll to my DIM Fantasia.  I love the wide eye’d expression on the doll.  She’s just so cute!  One day, I definitely want to to add this to my collection.

Doll In Mind- Arno

I’ve never seen this doll in person, but I always stop on it when searching the DIM website.  This guy is super tall– 61 cm!  The brown wig in the promo shots is adorable on him.

Leeke World- GeeYu

I’ve just stumbled upon this doll but love the innocent expression on this girl. Plus, she’s SD size.  The only problem with this doll is that she doesn’t come in a full set…  (I love spending the extra money to get a complete set- doll with outfit, eyes, wigs, etc all in one!)  Leeke World has fantastic wigs, btw.  Highly recommended!

Leeke World- Luke

Luke has a great sculpt.  It’s reminiscent of a manga or anime character.  I’d probably dress him up to look a little more boy-ish, but overall, I love the face!

Pipos- Mac

How cute is this little dog!  He’s pocket sized and adorable.  I really do want a Mac eventually.  The only downside is I find it hard to spend so much on something so tiny.  😦  I need a boyfriend to buy him for me.  🙂

Iplehouse- Tania (Special UV/Circus Trapeze)

I’d never heard of Iplehouse before stumbling upon it last year on Den of Angels.  I really like their dolls, though I’ve never seen one in person.  The Tania sculpt is just really sweet looking with the big eyes and the face ups on the promo shots are just really really nice.

Dollzone- Annie, Yan, and Morphea

Dollzone has some nice prices and some really neat looking dolls.  I love the colors on these guys.  I just wish Annie in blue was wearing an outfit that wasn’t so revealing!!!

And no wishlist would be complete without a doll from Volks or Luts!  I’m just not sure which dolls I want from there yet!!!


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