Photospam: Ghoulia and Holt Have Arrived!!

My mom has had a tradition for the past few weeks.  Everyday, she checks the major toy websites for Ghoulia, the adorable zombie in the Monster High Collection. You see, Ghoulia is incredibly rare to find on store shelves  and online due to the fact that they come one to a shipping box.  She’s such a hot item you have to grab her while you see her!  I’m happy to announce that at least one Ghoulia and Holt have arrived at our little homestead!

How did this day that I never thought would happen actually happen?   Here’s a quick recap– mom and I went to Toys R Us to spend our TRU money and went to the Monster High Aisle.  There was a row of dolls placed on the shelf with every other doll box faced backwards.  I saw Holt’s graphic and grabbed him immediately. Then, as I’m looking at Holt, mom says, “Okay.  I’ll take Ghoulia!”.

There was a Ghoulia in one of the backwards boxes that you couldn’t see the doll graphic on!  She really exists! I let mom keep Ghoulia.  Having one in the house is better than nothing and eventually I hope to find one for my collection. I think mom will have an easier time finding Holt than me finding Ghoulia, but it will happen!

I owe these guys a full review, but for right now, here’s some photospam of Ghoulia and Holt!


A hidden love?

Ghoulia:  Tada!  I really do exist!

Frankie and Holt chat over music.

Uh-oh, what will Cleo say if she finds out!

Ghoulia makes it a point to befriend Jackson, as well as Holt.

Holt Hyde and his other persona Jackson Jeckyll

My one true love

The monster Frankie’s been looking for?

As you can see, relationships are being made fast here in the Monster High family!  To keep up with new pictures, find me (Kewpie83) or my mom (Barbee0913) on flickr!

Do you have Ghoulia and Holt?  Where did you find them?  Were you looking for them or was it fate?  Tell us your story in the comments!!!!

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January 31, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. sarah replied:

    just scored both Ghoulia and holt, @ toys-r-us! so excited they were the only of their kind on the shelf. verrrrry happy

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Congrats on finding Ghoulia and Holt. They only come one to a case, so you were quite lucky!!! I’m hoping my TRU’s get another shipment of dolls soon so I can get my own Ghoulia, instead of sharing her with my mom! Thanks for hopping by the blog, btw!

  2. muriel replied:

    very nice!! i like it

  3. My Thoughts on the Monster High Reboot | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] first Monster High purchase was Lagoona.  I was so excited to find her on the shelf!  And finding Holt and Ghoulia?  Also some very exciting and memorable moments in my doll collecting career. Personally, I know […]

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