Dolly Report: New Skipper Sets

Back in 2003, Barbie’s original sister Skipper was discontinued.  I believe the official statement said something about her attending ‘boarding school’.  This post is dedicated to the new line of Skipper dolls that have started popping up since 2010!

Camping Skipper: Debuting in 2010, Camping Skipper is such a cutie.  She has side-glancing blue eyes, blonde hair with pink highlights, and is dressed in a long purple shirt, silver belt, and shiny capri jeans.  Skipper has molded elbows and knees, and is slightly shorter than Barbie.

(Long shot borrowed from

I love the side-glancing eyes on this Skipper and her outfit really is rocking!  I would wear it!  As far as Skippers go, I love that Mattel decided to introduce Skipper as a pre-teen/tween, instead of her 2003 older teen self.

Sisters Skateboard Set with Skipper and Kelly (oops, Chelsea!): This set includes two dolls, Skipper and Kelly.  Kelly comes with a scooter and helmet, while Skipper comes with a skateboard, helmet, and Ipod/headphones .  What is unique to these new 2010 Skippers is that they are brunette!  (Early prototypes and even the illustrations on box show a blonde Skipper.)  The only thing I miss is the side-glancing eyes ‘Camping Skipper’ had– these look straight ahead.

(Long shot borrowed from

A user photo of the Skipper doll…  I quite like the brunette on Skipper.

Skateboarding Sisters- Skipper

Beauty Fun Bathroom Set: This set includes Skipper in her nightgown, along with a bathroom mirror and sink set.  While prototype images show this doll as a blonde, she comes only with Brunette hair, this time with purple highlights.

I love the layout of the furniture and cardboard cut-outs of Stacie and Kelly (oops– Chelsea)!

Apologies for the crummy pictures!  I haven’t opened this set yet, because I don’t have space to display it!  (I know, that doll room needs to come pronto!) However, this Skipper doesn’t disappoint! I really do like the head mold they are using on these dolls.  It’s not ‘inflated’ like the current Barbie line and fits really well with the pre-teen/tween body mold!

I’ll keep you posted on any new Skippers I see on store shelves and of course, if you see one, let me know!!!!!  Follow the blog via e-mail subscriptions for up to the second updates!  Thanks for hopping by!


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