New Re-Root: Chatty Cathy

Check out pictures of my newest re-root– Mattel’s Chatty Cathy!  The re-rooting process of this doll was pretty similar to the smaller fashion dolls I’ve done in the past. The main difference was the number of hanks it took to finish this girl!  I kid you not, it had to have taken a good ten hanks to re-root this Chatty Cathy and five orders to Dollyhair! Both my mom (owner of the doll) and I love how this turned out!!!

After my mom styled this girl, she noticed an odd similarity between Chatty Cathy’s face sculpt and another 18″ doll line’s face…  Can you guess?  Okay, I’ll let you in on it. We think that Chatty Cathy looks a lot like Pleasant Companies/Mattel’s American Girl line.  Same beddy bye eyes, same chubby cheeks, same mouth with two front teeth showing…  Odd, huh?

Here are some pictures of my newest re-root!

Thanks for peeking! So what do you think?  Have any questions?  Do *you* think she looks like an American Girl with this hair style?  Comment and share your thoughts!!! Subscribe via e-mail for more of my re-roots and other dolly news!


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  1. anna rhodes replied:

    Im wanting to retoot my cathy but I have no idea how to take her head off. Is there a site somewhere to show me how. Anna

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Hi Anna,

      You don’t need to do anything special with Chatty Cathy’s head. All you need to do is pull it off. It should pop off with the right amount of force. It’s a lot like a Barbie’s head, but bigger. 🙂

      Good luck on your re-root!

  2. Jan replied:

    I was looking online for an auburn hair Chatty Cathy like the one I received in 1965 or ’66 and came across this post. I so agree with you on the AG dolls looking like that time period’s Chatty Cathy. Even before Mattel bought Pleasant Company, I thought they favored my Chatty Cathy. The re-root on this doll in your blog looks great. Chatty Cathy is an awesome doll! My all time favorite.

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