New Monster High News– or at least a teaser of news!

Have you checked out the Monster High Dolls fan page recently?  It looks like the webmaster was sent a picture of a possible new doll– Spectra Von Hauntington, Daughter of a Ghost.  It’s been rumored for a long time that Mattel was working on a ‘ghost’ doll and this looks to be it. Look below.  Please note this picture was originally found on Monster High Dolls and is not mine.  🙂

Look closely right above her boots and you’ll notice that this doll appears to be ‘disappearing’.  Look also at her right hand and you’ll notice that also looks see-through!  Also notice that the journal looks to be blank, without the usual name/description that usually fall on the lined bottom portion.

If this prototype is at all true to the actual production doll, I’ll be happy!  I love the see-through affects.  Viewers of the image have also speculated that behind and to the right of this doll is Clawd, Clawdeens brother, who is rumored to be coming out this year, too!  If only we had some clue about the doll to her left, though the box colors remind me a lot of Duece. Could it be a Dawn of the Dance Duece?

There was some weird spam posted to a re-posted flickr image mentioning that ‘he/she’ (the comment writer) was the original poster and had other images that they weren’t going to share because of how viral this image went.  That flickr member has now disabled his/her flickr.  I don’t exactly believe that this person has more images, but just thought I’d post it here.. Just in case!

I’m interested in seeing when this new wave of basics comes out.  With Dawn of the Dance wave 2 set to debut this month, supposedly featuring Ghoulia, Duece, Lagoona, and Draculara, I’d be surprised if we see this before June.  Course, that’s just me speculating!

So what do you think?  Prototype or fake?  Fantastic or a bit of a let down?  Share your thoughts!


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  1. Minty replied:

    Daughter of the ghost? Isn’t Ghoulia Yelps the ghost?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Ghoulia is actually a Zombie. Thanks for the comment!

  2. sophia replied:


    • kewpie83 replied:

      I have no idea. Mattel hasn’t given anyone a strict release date. And even if they did, I wouldn’t trust it. The Monster High line is notorious for not hitting store shelves when they are estimated to. They usually just pop up on or with no notice. My advice? Just keep checking those websites once a week, just in case!

  3. Lola replied:

    the box behind her with the red shoes is the fearleading three pack and those are ghoulia’s feet.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I read that somewhere. It’s exciting when all the pieces come together! Thanks for hoppin’ by!

  4. marie replied:

    if it does come out that would be awesome

  5. Maria replied:

    how many?

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