Monster High Alert! New Prototype Photo’s Leaked!

Another day, another ‘Monster High’ related leak…  Why are there always so many leaks and mysteries surrounding this Monster High line by Mattel?  I don’t remember this happening with any of their doll lines before.  Maybe it’s some big vast plan by Mattel to create suspense? Maybe the leaks are coming from their own marketing department?  Who knows.  I would expect Mattel, however, to be a little more organized about this, even if they are trying to be mysterious…

It’s been long rumored that Clawd, big brother to wolf girl Clawdeen, was getting his own doll.  As it looks like from this prototype image,  he very well is and he isn’t packaged alone.

This image appeared in an ebay auction last week and was (I’m assuming) taken by the seller.  It shows the new box design, as seen on the prototype of Spectra last week.  Aside from this picture, no others have hit the web nor has anyone seen it in the retail market.

My personal opinion of these prototypes?  Clawd is dressed differently than I would have assumed.  I’d have loved to see him in more dressy attire.  The vest and ascot are just a little odd…  Thus far, I like his headmold.  I like that he has real hair and not molded hair.  Overall, I like him.

Draculaura looks, well, like Draculaura.  The camera angle and plastic of the  box makes her face look a bit wide, but I think that’s a trick of the light.  Her outfit is cute.  I’m liking the tights.  The umbrella is cute, too.

I couldn’t tell you when this doll is due out.  I know I will be picking this set up when it does hit store shelves.

What do you think of this prototype?  Love it?  Hate it?  Speak up and leave a comment!


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  1. Kenne replied:

    I love the dolls but hate the fact that Draculaura and Clawd are a couple! I mean can I get something more original?! A vamp and a wolf… really?!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      My dolls have already broken cannon when it comes to relationships, so once this set is purchased and deboxed, Clawd is just going to be one of the gang.

      The whole vampire/werewolf/rivalry thing JUST occurred to me. You’re right, it is a bit overdone!

  2. carolinagirl8927 replied:

    luv the dolls, but how did u get them, how much were they?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Monster High dolls can be found at most toy stores that sell mattel dolls and on websites like,, It really depends on where you live. They tend to start at around $14.00 and go up from there. Thanks for taking the time to comment!!!

  3. april replied:

    ok I’m excited that another doll is out but how many dolls of draculaura are they going to have. my daughters have the beach draculaura and the draculaura with her actual outfit and than draculaura out in about and than this one thats like 4 same dolls of her or the others. I want to buy my daughters just clawd. I agree on his outfit.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I hope they release Clawd separately eventually, too.

      My goal is to get the whole collection, but Draculaura always looks the same to me. Frankie, for example, looks different series to series (I think so at least!), but Draculaura looks very similar each time they release her. And poor Lagoona! She’s only been in the basic line thus far (though we’ll be seeing her again in the new Dawn of the Dance wave). So, long comment short, I totally understand what you mean!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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