Review: Barbie and Ken Set: She Said Yes

I opened  up my $5.00 ‘Barbie and Ken Set: She Said Yes’ set yesterday because I was worried the ties connecting  Barbie’s feet to the box were cutting into her vinyl.   While I still love the idea of the set, I’m not quite in love with the actual product.  All in all, I think Mattel missed the mark a bit with these dolls.

The Box: I love the box design.  Out of all the elements, I think the box is the best thing about this set!  The graphics are so cute and bubble-gummy and really get the idea of the set across.  It’s one of the best Barbie box’s I’ve seen in recent years.


Positives- This Barbie is cute in a novelty sort of way.  Her face paint is a bit exaggerated and her head is a bit blown up.  However, her face is better than some of the basic dolls out there.

Her outfit is pretty and I like the new take on Barbie’s vintage suit.  I would have loved some extra accessories for her, though, like her own beach blanket or an engagement ring. Her shoes are nice, though.  They’ve created interesting flip flops for the dolls in this set and they stay on Barbie really well…

Negatives- Whoever decided Barbie should have arms molded as they are on this doll really needs to take a step back to look at the current doll trends. While Barbie’s limbs aren’t as horrible as Ken’s (we’ll get to that…), they definetly could have been done better. Jointed elbows would have been great on this doll, but alas, Mattel didn’t think she need them.

Keeping the topic on the body, behind Barbie’s hair, stuck to her back, I found pieces of white sticker residue.  The sticker residue wasn’t from the box because the portion of her back would have been covered by her hair.  It must have been from a sticker put on her body at the factory.  Usually Mattel is pretty good about quality control, but this residue was very noticeable.  It makes me wonder if this particular doll or dolls body was a second.


Positives- Ken’s face mold… I actually think it’s quite cute!  It’s reminiscent of the recent character design in the Barbie movies and unique at the same time. While the face is blown up,  it seems better proportioned to me than his female counterparts.  The lipstick mark is cute, though it would have been nice if it disappeared with water or something.

Negatives- Let’s start off with his hair… Looks good from the front, but what the heck did the barber do to the back of his head?  Uneven isn’t even the proper term for this haircut.  It’s bad.  Really bad.  Jagged would be a good word for it!  Ken should really get his money back from his stylist.

Also, the color of Ken’s body doesn’t actually match his headmold.   I checked my mom’s doll, too, and found the same problem.  What makes it worse is how his head fits on this body. It almost looks like a ‘put together’ doll, where the head doesn’t actually belong on the body and was put on anyways.

Not to pick too much more on Ken, I feel like I must say this– Barbie’s hand are molded to look like she’s holding Ken.  Ken’s arms are molded like he’s practicing for a role as Frankenstein.  Stick straight, those arms are.  No bend at all in the elbow.  Some nice muscle definition, but stick straight arms, none the less.  Ken’s body is made of a different sort of vinyl… Barbie has the typical sticky sort of vinyl we see in dolls, but Ken feels hollow and smooth.  His shoes don’t stick at all to his body.  I know I’m going to lose them one of these days…

As I said in the beginning, this set has a cute story behind it and a cute box design.  However, the dolls let me down.  Mattel really needs to look into product control.  This set has so many problems that I wouldn’t pay anymore than the $5.00 I did pay for it.


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