Luts Aru- Arrival Pictures!

Back in 2008, I opened up a thread on Den of Angels, a BJD board populated by quite a large number of collectors, looking for places to find Luts dolls in the US or Canada.  I mention in the post that I have my eye on a Kid Delf. Well, it’s finally come full circle.  I have no idea what Kid Delf I was thinking off back in 2008, but I am now the proud owner of a Kid Delf Aru.

My Luts Aru came via a group order over at Den of Angels.  Aru arrived exactly as expected and is playing nice with her fellow BJD’s! Want to see some pictures?  Oh, I know you do!!!  Enjoy the pic-spam!

The Arrival aka Putting It All Together:

Oh, a Luts Box! She’s really here! Honestly, I was clutching the box like it was going to fly away or something during the drive home after dolly delivery!

Beware slight nakedness! Along with Aru, I ordered her an outfit, shoes, and two wigs (one mohair, one regular).

And look, double jointed elbows! I don’t have any dolls with double jointed elbows. I love how much easier it is to pose her arm!

And here’s her pretty little face!!! Just like the promo pic!

Her shoes. Wish I had a pair!

Her outfit! One thing I wanted to do was get her clothes, as that seems to always be a thorn in my side!!!

Wig number one! Very cute yellow. Not blonde, but not sunshine! Perfect.

Wig number 2! Love the short mohair. Too bad mohair only stays pretty for a year or so. Still, love this wig!

And finally, the total look! Ordering a doll with all the elements coming at one time is definitely something I need to do more often!!!! And Luts… They know how to make a fantastic doll. Totally worth the money I paid for her!!!!

Want to see more pictures? Stay tuned!!!!


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