Review: Target Exclusive Easter Kelly

Earlier this month, my mom picked up an exclusive Easter Kelly/Chelsea at Target. Mattel, Mattel, Mattel… Can we get some decent quality basics on the market… Please? All in all, I’m not impressed this doll… Let’s see some pictures, shall we?


I don’t mind the box design. It’s cute, colorful, and most importantly, makes for easy opening. However, the box makes no mention of this being a Kelly/Chelsea doll. All it says is ‘Barbie’. Odd.

The doll? One thing I noticed right off the bat is how similar this official Mattel doll looked to a generic doll I had received for Christmas… The following pictures include the generic doll for comparison purposes.

The height is far different, but the similarities out weigh the differences.

Look at their faces. Each have face paint that look like they were obviously machine printed.

Taking a closer look at their bodies, each doll has straight plastic looking limbs. Usually, you can tell a generic doll by the low grade plastic that they use, but in this case, Mattel’s body isn’t much better.

For those that want more proof… Look at how similar these hands look. If I only saw this picture, I’d have taken both bodies to be from generic ‘Barbie-type’ dolls.

I’m not pleased with the quality of this doll and coming right off of getting a ‘She Said Yes’ set in which Barbie had tape all over her back, I think Mattel needs to take a step back and look at what they’re putting out on the shelves. You expect Mattel to follow it’s own tag line, “Mattel, it’s swell”, but I haven’ seen many ‘swell’ things in terms of ‘basic dolls’ quality in a long time.

Do you agree?  Disagree?  Leave a comment!  Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Anonymous replied:

    I have every monster high doll out there, i have dead tired clawdeen and bed, dead tired lagoona and station, schools out lagoona, basic abbey and spetra, fear squad, DOTD exclusive draculara, and gloom beach ghoulia, i read post so when i here, NEW DOLL, i search every toys r us, walmart, and target and thats how i got my fangtastic collection, all i need is nefra and torelli, who i heard were ment to come out in december or march 😀 i have every basic, gloom beach, dead tired, DOTD, comic con (ghoulia frankie) schools out, day at the maul, and fear squad, yesh i know im crazy, you dont need to tell me

    • kewpie83 replied:

      We’re all a little crazy when it comes to Monster High collecting! 🙂

  2. Mark Patraw replied:

    The blonde isn’t a generic doll; it’s a Ty Li’l Ones girl (which are manufactured by the same company that makes Beanie Babies). I don’t think that the two dolls look very much alike, except in the most general sense.

    I picked up this same raven-haired 2011 Target-exclusive Easter Chelsea doll, at a thrift store, for twenty-five cents yesterday, which was complete except for the absence of the Easter basket accessory. While I wouldn’t say that it’s the greatest doll ever made, I think it’s a decent offering, and I like the seasonal motif, particularly the bunny ears. She certainly stands out from my other Kelly/Chelsea figures.

  3. Ingrid replied:

    I have both of these same types of dolls. I got them from a thrift store. I like them. The Chelsea I have is very pretty. She’s wearing a cute dress, too. They’re a nice addition to my collection.

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