Review: Hujoo Baby Is

One of my favorite doll companies, Hujoo, just released a new 12cm line called ‘Hujoo Babies’. There are three dolls in the line thus far (Ted, Is, and Suve) and they are available in both resin and ABS plastic.

I purchased ‘Baby Is’, the doll in the pink overalls, from online BJD retailer The Junky Spot.  The Junky Spot is my favorite place to order BJD’s from because they don’t sell dolls by placing ‘pre-orders’, they literally have the doll in the States ready to ship out at time of ordering. For people who don’t feel like waiting months for a doll (like me), The Junky Spot rocks.

The Basics:
Hujoo Baby Is is made of fleshtone ABS. ABS is similar to a hard plastic. It arrived with a factory face up, though a clean version is available, too, for those who are talented enough to do their own face ups!  As mentioned earlier, Is is 12cm tall.  These dolls are travel sized and perfect for carrying with you in a purse or pocket.

Here’s a closer look at Hujoo Baby Is’s factory face up. In my opinion, Hujoo does some nice face work. The make up on Is isn’t too heavy or too light. It works quite well on the tiny face mold.

Like other BJD’s with eye sockets, the Hujoo Baby line has a removable headcap.  The headcap is pretty much the only downside of this doll.  What’s wrong with it, you ask?  The problem with it is that the headcap is really, really hard to pry off the dolls head.  Instead of magnets, the head is held on with pegs that are inserted into slots, locking the headcap on.  If you don’t have nails or something to use as faux nails, you’ll have trouble getting your headcap off.  Here’s a trick that worked on both my Is and my mom’s Suve:  Pry as much of it off with your fingers, then get a cake icer (or something with a short flat edge) and try to use that to get it off the rest of the way. Take your time and the headcap will come off!


The Hujoo basic face up also includes eye lashes. Now, I love how eye lashes look on BJD’s, but I would have been fine without them. They’re so much of a hassle, always worrying about if they’ll get smashed or ripped off or something crazy like that. Regardless, the eye lashes do work quite well on Hujoo Baby Is. Here’s a side view of them.

The Hujoo Baby body is jointed in all the basic places– chest, shoulders, elbow, wrist, hip, ankle. The joints look and move great.


Posability is great on these Hujoo Babies. Mine was strung well upon opening and Is has had no problems standing, sitting, or holding his arms in different directions.  I’m really amazed at all these guys can do!  Hujoo Baby Is is holding poses better than some of my other MSD sized dolls!  Sometimes the Hujoo legs will get a bit out of place, making it seem like one leg is longer than the other, but that is pretty easy to fix with a bit of patience.

Outfitting your Hujoo Baby:
Wig: I think Hujoo Baby’s takes a size 3/4 or 4/5 wig. I haven’t actually picked up a wig yet, but will eventually.  Right now, my Is is fine being bald.  Until I buy a wig, I’m unsure of the actual wig size needed. :p

Clothing: As far as clothing, I’m unsure of what exactly they’ll fit. I’ve tried Kelly clothes to no avail. Some on DOA have tried bits of Monster High outfits (ie: Clawdeens short shorts from her sports outfit), but have mentioned that most pieces don’t fit properly. A nightgown from a MyScene sized Kelly doll did fit well as a night gown (as seen in photo below), but I haven’t tried a shirt/pants/dress from that sized doll on these babies. They should fit clothing that is made for any Puki sized doll, but then again, I have no evidence to back this up. If you know what might fit these babies well, let me know!  Update: 20mm shoes fit well and are now in stock at Junky Spot!

Eyes: Hujoo Baby’s take 10mm round eyes.  The inside of the head has a circular bit molded into each eye socket, so forcing in larger eyes may be tough unless you break that circular bit off.  For my purposes, I kept the inside of the head factory, b/c the 10mm eyes look perfect to me.  For greater emphasis on the eyelashes, you may want to choose a light eye color.  My Is is wearing dark green eyes that inevitably blend in with the lashes.

Personally, I love these little Hujoo Babies. They’re affordable, portable, and posable! If you are looking for a tiny for yourself or even a gift for a friend, you should look into these. They are currently available at Junkyspot and on Hujoo’s main website!

Keep watching for more fun photo’s of this little tiny!

Have a question/comment about this doll?  Leave a comment!


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  1. My replied:

    I lovee this doll. I bought Suve on ebay for and just received it yesterday. It was a plain naked doll without faceup but i did pay more than the price on hujoo’s website which was silly of me. Im just wondering did you have to pay the junky spot some extra for your Is’ faceup ?? And the eye holders are exclusive arent they ?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      We’ve all overpaid for dollies before. Welcome to the club. 😉

      I just checked the JS website to make sure I didn’t steer you wrong. It looks like a ‘Hujoo Baby Is’ without a face up is $26.00. With a face-up, it’s $45.00 (in apricot skin) or $52.00 (in chocolate skin). As far as the eye holders go, I’m sure Hujoo has them copyrighted. I don’t recall any other dolls coming out with that sort of eye mechanism, so I’m pretty sure that they are exclusive to the Hujoo doll line.

      If you find a good brand of clothing for your little guy, let me know. Mine is still stuck in the same outfit I put him in when I got him, but everything new I try just doesn’t fit. Thanks for commenting!

  2. ynah replied: check this website for clothes, shoes, eyes, etc.. 🙂

  3. dor replied:

    I saw some hujoo babies with baby born mini world clothes they have sets on ebay fairly cheap

  4. creativhook replied:

    Hi dear Ashley. Your blog is amazing. Thank you for the detailed information about the dolls. I create clothes for dolls and only started my personal blog. I want to show my work and talk about my dolls. Tomorrow I’ll publish a post about the doll Hujoo. Your article about her I liked. It is possible to place a link to it in my post?

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