New Hujoo– Jake

As you know, I’m a huge Hujoo fan.  I own a Hujoo Wings and a Hujoo Baby.  Announced recently on ‘The Junky Spot’, a new Hujoo is coming to town and this time it’s (at the moment) a US exclusive release!

Look at the promo shot released over at ‘The Junky Spot’ of the new Hujoo Jake!

Jake is 24 cm and made of ABS plastic.  The main difference between Jake and the Wings/Hujoo line is his more proportional head mold. Jake, for example, fits a 6-7 wig while the original less proportional models (Wings/Hujoo) usually wear 7-8.  Jake will use 12mm eyes, as opposed to Hujoo’s usual 20mm.  Jake has a boy body, but looks like he could easily become a flat chested girl.  The official Junky Spot video reviewer did a nice comparison video. You can watch that video HERE.

My thoughts?  Well, I’m happy that Hujoo is still working on innovative, new dolls.  Cora, their new heavily jointed resin MSD girl, looks fantastic.  In terms of Jake, I like him, but he looks a bit too ‘normal’ to me.  I love the disproportioned bodies and the alien sort of look Hujoo’s tend to have.  I’ll probably be holding off on Jake until after I get a basic Hujoo (photo to the right).  But who knows?  Eventually, maybe I’ll splurge (which seeing he’s less than $40 wouldn’t exactly break the bank) and pick up this little guy!

You can pick Jake up at The Junky Spot.  What do you think of Jake?


May 24, 2011. Uncategorized.

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