Splurge Alert!!!– Skipper Stuff

I try to add a few things each year to my Skipper collection.  So far, this year has brought some fun finds!  Here’s the lowdown on the new items in my Skipper collection!


This past toy show, I picked up this stunning Twist and Turn Skipper.  Believe it or not, this is my first Twist and Turn Skipper, though it’s not from lack of trying.

There were other Twist and Turns at the show, but this one had such a great face.  Her make up is fantastic, she has no green area’s, and she isn’t missing any lashes.  I need to do something about her fly-aways, but overall, I love this doll!

She came with this outfit, which is another reason I picked up this girl.  I’m lacking on vintage outfits and wouldn’t have had anything for an unclothed doll to wear!


I don’t just collect Skipper dolls, but also the extra’s that go with them.  I picked up this great Skipper, Francie, and Barbie doll case via ebay earlier this month.  It was a steal.  I’m quite surprised I got it as cheap as I did!  The condition is fine for my needs, as I only really keep these for the art, which is fantastic on this case!

What do I love about this case?  First, I LOVE the outfit Skipper is wearing.  I don’t own the outfit yet, but I will one day!!!

Second, I quite like that it has both Barbie and Francie on it.  I love the cases that have more than one character.  Francie’s look is just too cute and Barbie’s sophisticated Bob is adorable!

Alongside these, I also picked up a new style Skipper, but I’m saving her photos for a review post!  Check back for updates!  More to come!!!


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One Comment

  1. silvy replied:

    wow! great collection, i love skipper too! i hope someday i can purshase a cute one like yours she is adorable!!!

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