It’s Go Time, Ghouls!

It seems Mattel’s new Monster High wave’s should be heading to store shelves sometime this month!  Many have already popped up  in Europe and Asia and there are even some US sellers popping up on ebay.  Pre-order websites keep saying that they’ll be getting their shipment in June 6th.  Fingers crossed they’re right!!!

As a quick reminder, here’s what you’ll be on the look out for.  (All pictures were found online via google.)

‘Dead Tired’, featuring Frankie, Draculara, Ghoulia, Cleo, Clawdeen (with her bed),and Lagoona (with Hydration Station)– Yay for doing something new with Draculara’s hair and giving us another Lagoona!

‘School’s Out’, featuring Frankie, Cleo, Clawdeen, and Ghoulia (unchanged from her last release)– Ignoring the duplicate Ghoulia, this Cleo looks fantastic!!!

Fear Squad, featuring Ghoulia, Cleo, and Draculara– This is a 3 pack of dolls.  I love Ghoulia’s outfit.  It’s adorable with the little cape and ‘number one’ finger!  Cleo and Draculara are nice, but pretty basic.

Dawn of the Dance, Wave 2, featuring Lagoona, Deuce, Ghoulia, and Cleo (same style as wave one)–  I can only imagine what Lagoona’s hair will look like after it’s stapled into the MH box, but I love the concept.  And Ghoulia’s hair?!  Adorable!!

Gloom Beach Ghoulia– Not my favorite Ghoulia in terms of the hair-do and face, but the outfit looks very cute.

And we can’t forget the two pack with Clawd and Draculara, new dolls Spectra and Abbey, and the SDCC 2011 exclusive Ghoulia.  All in all, that’s a lot of dolls!  Let’s hope Mattel can produce even better dolls in 2011, while keeping up with what will sure to be a very high demand!!!

***Please note that all this info is subject to change and is based on the little information Mattel has released thus far!***


June 1, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. The Dancing Hare replied:

    Nooo more Clawdeens to buy! I’m also waiting for Abby and Spectra, I think they are supposed to be out soon too.

  2. Nicole Tan replied:

    Ehmmm….My favorite might have to be the SDCC Ghoulia. She just looks so adorable with her little deadfast action figure and comic book! And I think that her outfit’s pretty cute too.

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