Monster High: Schools Out and Classroom Assortment hitting stores shelves now!

If your are a fan of Mattel’s Monster High dolls, then this is for you! It’s been a banner Monster High week here at my house! Keep an eagle eye on your local Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart toy shelves b/c more and more of the new Monster High lines are hitting the market! There is no real ‘order’ to what you’ll see. Some stores are getting the second wave of Dawn of the Dance, others are getting the Classroom assortment, and others still are getting Schools Out. Some stores are getting all three sets, others only one. It’s all very random, actually!

Just yesterday I stopped by my local Toys R Us and was happily surprised to find the entire Classroom Assortment sitting there. Having not grabbed a cart, I looked ridiculous holding 4 boxes of Monster High dolls in my hands (two Lagoona’s, one Frankie, one Ghoulia) throughout the store, but I didn’t really care. Like any good daughter, I asked the sales associate if he had anymore (b/c my mom collects them, too), but alas, he said they had just put all their stock out Thursday. It looks like they had only received one box of the Classroom Assortment. They had a few Hydration stations lying around and some of the original Dawn of the Dance line.

Last week, my mom was able to hunt down Spectra. That same day, I found a Spectra at Kohl’s. A side note here– Kohls prices are pretty much like Justice’s. It was $30 for Spectra there. Thankfully, they had a buy one, get one half off sale or else I would have felt really bad about spending so much on something I could get cheaper at Toys R Us or Target.

I’m behind on photographing most of these newcomers, but here’s an image I did get to take yesterday of the Classroom Assortment! Maybe I’ll do a video review of some of these dolls later… Hmmm… Do I dare?


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  1. The Dancing Hare replied:

    I’ve been checking mine, nothing so far 😦 I want Spectra!

  2. Nicole Tan replied:

    Frankie looks too cute with those bangs! (≧∇≦)

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