Dolly Report: Monster High Spectra

As mentioned in my last Monster High post, I found a Spectra (daughter of ghosts) recently at Kohls. She was 30.00 plus tax, but all in all, I’m glad I picked her up when I did. I haven’t seen her in any stores since!!!

I was on the fence about Spectra based on promo pictures. Something just seemed ‘odd’ about her. I must say, she looks much better in person. The see-through hands and feet look really cool and her eyes are quite popping. Here’s a few owner pictures of Spectra.  (Please note:  These are my photos– they are not to be posted elsewhere or edited without my permission.)

As you can see, Spectra has a purple color scheme going throughout her whole attire. She comes with a purse and her pet.

Here’s a close up of her face. She definitely looks older than some of the other dolls, but if you think about her storyline (ie: daughter of a ghost), her body type and face make more sense. Her angular face makes her look more like the ghost she’s supposed to be. Her make up is perfect and really stands out in photos.

Her outfit is really cute! I like the skirt a lot!

And the cool footwear (or kick ass footwear, as my mom would say) trend continues with Spectra. Notice in this shot how her legs go from light purple to see-through. I love that effect. Mattel did really well with making Spectra look ‘ghostly’.

Spectra’s pet ferret. He stands pretty well on her arm, leaning against her body, but does not stand on his own. I wish they’d designed him with more of a base so that you could just stand him by Spectra, as opposed to having him have to lean on something.

This post wouldn’t be complete without some photos of Spectra and the Monster High Gang…

According to the Monster High journals, Spectra is a gossip. She would say that it isn’t her fault if people don’t notice her, especially if she’s invisible! Here, I tried to make it look like Spectra was spying, whoops, over-hearing Frankie and Cleo’s conversation!

With so few guys in the Monster High line, they seem to get around! Holt is no better than Deuce! I love pairing Holt with the more subdued dolls, like black and white Frankie. His orange always makes a great contrast with dolls like Spectra and Frankie!

And my favorite shot of the photoshoot. For some reason, this really reminds of me Gone with the Wind. Don’t they look cute together?!

All in all, I like Spectra. She adds a new, fun element to the line and her see-through limbs are fantastic! Kudo’s to Mattel on making  a very cool doll.  What do you think of Spectra? Let us know!  Leave a comment and for instant updates, subscribe to the blog!


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  2. Reilly replied:

    I think someone is using one of your photos without permission. I saw the one of Cleo, Frankie, and Spectra posted on the monster-high-photos tumblr. They haven’t provided a click-through link to your blog, or any other type of credit.

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