American Girl’s Newest Dolls– Cecile and Marie-Grace

I’ve been a fan of American Girl dolls since grammer school. I remember saving up all my allowance, which was a measly $4 a month, for *months* to save for my first doll, Molly. I did the same thing a year later for Samantha. And then again, another year later, I added Felicity to the collection and a Girl of Today. I remember how exciting it was to finally order the doll that I had been saving for (for what seemed like forever!) and how even more exciting it was when she arrived at my doorstep. This was before the stores opened up– I haven’t had the opportunity to leave the AG store with a doll… Yet!

I am thrilled that American Girl seems to *still* have a huge fanbase! This year, American Girl created two new historical dolls– Cecile and Marie-Grace. The two girls, one black and one white, are growing up in New Orleans, 1853. Borrowed from the AG website, here’s a synopsis on the first book, ‘Meet Marie-Grace’: “Marie-Grace Gardner has just arrived in New Orleans, and she hopes she never has to move again. The lively city is full of music and masquerade balls! When she meets Mademoiselle Océane, a talented opera singer, Marie-Grace longs to take lessons. She loves to sing, and she would like to get to know Cécile Rey, the confident girl who is Mademoiselle’s student. But Marie-Grace is shy, and starting school reminds her how hard it is to make friends and fit in. Can an unexpected adventure help her feel as if she belongs?”

The book series will be a total of six books, with three books told from Cecile’s perspective and three told from Marie Grace’s perspective. This is an American Girl first, btw!

I snagged some photo’s with my phone of my Barnes and Noble’s new Cecile and Marie-Grace display. For more info on the Barnes and Noble giveaway, call your local store. :p

After seeing these two in person, I am starting to warm up to them more. I’m still a stickler for the original line and probably won’t add these two to my small collection, but they look well made and up to par with the current AG dolls. What do you think of the dolls?


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