Monster High 2012 Line Leaked!

Video of future Monster High Lines Skull Shores (featuring Lagoona, Ghoulia, new guy Gil, and Abbey), Sweet 1600 Draculara (with Clawd, Frankie, and possibly Clawdeen), Draculara’s Sweet 1600 car, and the most intriguing item in the video, the Create a Monster set, have leaked to Youtube!

What’s a Create A Monster set, you ask?  It looks like they give you limbs, heads, clothing and accessories so you can make your own ghoul. Being a BJD fan, I’m loving the concept and plan on picking one (or two, or three, or…) of these sets up when they hit store shelves in 2012.

I love the new addition of Gil. Finally, a new guy to add to the mix. He’ll help separate the Frankie’s from, well, the other Frankie’s on my Monster High shelves!

I don’t know who took this or where it was taken, but I’m surprised Mattel would let these dolls leak so early. I see no sign of Operetta in this video, but it goes by some sections so quickly, I could have missed her. In all honestly, I think Mattel had something to do with this video leak. The one thing Monster High has always had going for it is word of mouth and leaking a video of 2012 dolls to youtube? That create’s a lot of word of mouth aka free publicity!

I’m looking forward to these dolls… What about you?


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