Barbie: A Perfect Christmas- Movie Review

I impulsively purchased ‘Barbie: A Perfect Christmas’ this week.  It had a lot to do with the fact that this movie is the first that stars all the ‘current’ siblings in the line– Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Kelly, er, Chelsea.  Here’s a quick look at the trailer:

I found ‘Barbie: A Perfect Christmas’ to be really cute! I loved the different dynamics between the siblings and the theme that the perfect Christmas isn’t always about where you are, but who you are with!  The story follows Barbie and her sisters as they find themselves stuck at a snowy inn on route to their ‘perfect christmas’ aka New York City.  With all the airlines canceling flights, the sisters must come to terms with the fact that seeing New York by Christmas isn’t going to happen and that the magic of Christmas can be found anywhere.

The story itself is a good mixture of cute and corn, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s watched Barbie movies before!  The animation is more cartoony than the other movies, but is better than that of the ‘Mermaid Tale 2’ trailer.  One of the more interesting things about ‘Perfect Christmas’ is that this is canon to ‘Fashion Fairytale’ and ‘Fairy Secret’.  They make mention of Barbie’s movie star career, Aunt Millie, and Barbie’s fashion show at Aunt Millie’s clothing shop.

I was disappointed that Ken wasn’t mentioned at all in this– not even a phone call.  I’ve come to really enjoy his comedic personality.  If ever there was a Barbie movie to make you wonder what exactly happened to Mr and Mrs Roberts, this is it.  I wish they’d have made some mention of why Barbie was taking all three siblings on Christmas vacation– a simple “they’re stuck in Kenya and can’t make it home” would have done fine by me!

“Barbie: A Perfect Christmas” is a real Christmas charmer.  This is going to be in my Christmas rotation for years to come!


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