Unique Monster High Promotional Items

Mattel has a number of ‘outlet’ type shops set up across the US.  They sell Mattel products only and almost always come with a discount.  This past week, I took a trip to our local Mattel Toy Shop and found some really neat promotional items for sale!  I thought I’d share them with you guys because I don’t believe I’ve seen them before!

As promotional products, these products were never sold in stores.  I’m assuming they were created for employees, conventions, or other fan gatherings.  If you know of a specific event these items were seen at or have seen them in stores, leave a comment!  I’d love to know a little more about their history.

We’ll start with the bins…  Inside this bin they had magnet sets, phone stickers, rulers, and an assortment of keychains.  Some of the keychains had the Monster High skull, others had mini character charms.

Here is a close up of the character charm keychain.  Both my mom and I picked one up.  It displays Frankie, Draculara, Ghoulia, and Clawdeen.  I have to wonder where Cleo and Lagoona are, but even so, four is good enough for me!

Below, they had these monster backpacks. Basic black, these backpacks each had a logo on them– Barbie, Monster High, and Hot Wheels.  If I had had a reason to buy a backpack, I would have totally snagged this one up.

Also at the Mattel Shop was a black Monster High lunch tote shaped like a purse.

And this is by far the cutest, most unique promotional item– a notebook holder shaped like a Monster High hoodie!  They also had this with the Hot Wheels logo.  This item is one that really makes me wonder– did you ever see this in stores?  I wonder who and where they handed this item out!  All I know is that, even though I’m not a school girl anymore, I still bought this!  It’s just really neat!

As a reminder, share the link to this post, not the images alone if you feel like spreading the word on these items!  They can be found at your local Mattel Toy Store. If you know what events these were used for, if they were sold in stores, or just want to leave your thoughts about them, leave a comment!


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