Readers Poll— Who’s Your Favorite Frankie?

I’m trying something new today– a poll!  I thought, with so many Monster High dolls out in such a short period of time, why not see which doll people seem to like best!  With so many characters in the Monster High line, I am separating the polls by character and who better to start with than Frankie, the catalyst of the whole line.

Will you choose: Dawn of the Dance, B/W SDCC Frankie, Basic 1, Gloom Beach, Dead Tired, Classroom, School’s Out (Basic 2), Sweet 1600, or the not pictured Day at the Maul?  Let your voice be heard with this poll!

This poll is closed!  See the results below!!!   

My favorite’s are:

B/W SDCC Exclusive

Schools Out (Basic 2)


Here are close ups of the others you can choose from…

Dawn of the Dance

Gloom Beach

Dead Tired

Sweet 1600


I look forward to seeing your answers to this poll! Feel free to share a comment or two saying why you love that particular Frankie!


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  1. Lamppostguy replied:

    I absolutely adore frankie sweet 1600 because frankies my favourite character and because her dress is so CUTE! It’s a bit short though. That one of the two issues I have with monster high dolls. The other one being that they are so fragile! I mean I know they are supposed to be collecters items (or a least that’s what I’ve heard) but they could still make it so girls can play with them and not worry about them getting broken. I’m only eleven and I still play with monster high dolls. My friend think that only girls can like dolls so when I told her that I saw a boy on YouTube reviewing dolls she thought he was a freak! I mean seriously? People can like what they want! What you think though?

  2. kewpie83 replied:

    Thanks for the comments! Here’s a (very long) response!

    Sweet 1600 is a cute doll– but Mattel is being far to inconsistant with her hair and make up. Some dolls look great, but others– not so much. The two dolls in my house (my moms and mine) are drastically different. They need to really start looking into product control for the MH line. I love her dress, too. As far as shortness– nothing can compare to Cleo’s Gloom Beach bathing suit. She had *so little* fabric on that thing!

    Personally, I don’t consider MH dolls collectables. I collect them and want to keep them nice looking, but not in a ‘save them in a box and don’t touch or breathe on them’ sort of way. They’re still ‘playline’ dolls. Realistically, 10 years from now, these dolls will probably be worth less than people get for them now (on ebay/in stores) b/c Mattel is mass producing sooo many of them. At least, that’s my take on them.

    As far as girls/boy toys go– if a boy wants to collect or play with dolls, he should go for it! Tonner dolls, for example, is a very popular doll company owned by a male doll designer and if I’m not mistaken, MH was designed by a guy, as well. Same goes for girls who collect GI Joe or anything else that is usually considered a ‘boy toy’. Collect what you want to collect, not what others think you should. Long story short, I see nothing wrong with a boy collecting MH or dolls in general.

    You’re never too old to play with your dolls. I don’t play with them in the traditional sense, but I photograph them (as you’ve seen here!). I consider that playing with them. What’s the fun of collecting something when you don’t touch it or interact with it?

    Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Joanna replied:

    Any chance where I could start looking for the Sweet 1600 dolls in the stores? It looks like they are already sold out online except for ebay as always…..They would make a great Valentine’s day present for the girls..

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Hi Joanna. I found my Sweet 1600 at Toys R Us. It was about a month ago now and they had *tons* of Christmas overstock. Now that Christmas is over, I think they’ll start popping up at TRU again. I’d just keep an eye on your local store or give them a call every week or two to see if they have any new stock. Also, check Amazon regularly. I’m sure they’ll be getting more ‘official’ stock in soon, too!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Who’s Your Favorite Ghoulia? « Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter… replied:

    […] After 507 votes and nearly 30 days of voting, I’ve closed the Frankie poll.  Check out the original post for the winning […]

  5. Christy replied:

    I love black n white skull shore Frankie 🙂

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I wish she had been out when I started the poll. It would have been interesting to see which black and white Frankie people prefer. I haven’t seen the B/W Skull Shores Frankie in person yet. Has she hit store shelves?

  6. selena replied:

    classroom,gloom beach and dawn of the dance

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