My Holiday Haul

The holidays are for giving, not receiving, but I can’t help but want to show off a few of the fun things that came my way this holiday season from family and friends.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Belle and Ariel toddler dolls from Disney Animator Collection
  • A new vintage Skipper doll tray puzzle in nice condition
  • Danse (from Jem!)
  • Two Monster High Create a Monster starter sets and the Skeleton Girl expansion (a total shock and tons of fun!)
  • A Charlie Brown Skididdler (adding to my collection of Snoopy and Lucy from last Christmas)
  • A stuffed dog dressed as Santa built with love by my parents at Build-A-Bear
  • A Hello Kitty themed Re-Ment ‘bakery case’ (for my Re-Ment, which have been sitting homeless for a few years now!)

Did you find anything fun under your tree (dolly or non dolly alike!)?  Care to share?  Leave a comment!


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  1. Anonymous replied:

    Danse rocks!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I agree! I’m going to post more photos of Danse soon. I’m thinking I’ll do that on my next day off. 🙂 I was very happy to get not only her, but her cassette tape as well! Now, onto find Video and a Rockin’ Roadster!

  2. littleroars replied:

    Cool presents! I REALLY WANT THEM TOO!!!
    I got Lagoona Blue’s hydration station.

  3. MHgirl replied:

    How was the create-a-monster set? I’m a big fan of Monster High, and would like to make my own. If you could tell me stuff like how hard it was, what the pros and cons of it are, that would be fabulous.

  4. Reece replied:

    COOL! I got Toralei and Lagoona class room doll. I also got the Marie-Grace doll, I renamed her Holly though.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Very neat, Reece! I love both MH dolls you got. Toralei is great for photography! I’m the owner of quite a few American Girl dolls, too. It’s always exciting to hear that people *still* enjoy them, even after all these years!

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