Who’s Your Favorite Ghoulia?

It’s that time again! After 507 votes and nearly 30 days of voting, I’ve closed the Frankie poll.  Check out the original post for the winning doll!

You are being called to action once again– this time to vote for your favorite Ghoulia!  Ghoulia is one of my favorite Monster High dolls.  I love her style and her funky glasses!  I ask you now, who’s your favorite Ghoulia?

My Favorites:

Basic Ghoulia

Dawn of the Dance Ghoulia

Dead Tired Ghoulia

Here are close ups of the other Ghoulia’s in the running…

Classroom Assortment Ghoulia  (wearing her extra outfit instead of her gym outfit)

Fearleading 3 pack Ghoulia

Skull Shores Ghoulia

SDCC 2011 Ghoulia

Gloom Beach 5 pack Ghoulia  (She is my least favorite of the bunch.  I don’t even care to own her!)

The results are in!  Voting is now closed!  Here are the results!

Thanks to all the participants and congrats to SDCC ’11 Ghoulia!

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  1. The Dancing Hare replied:

    I love Skull Shores, I came so close to buying it JUST for her hair, but I’m not crazy about her outfit. Might still go back… willpower…

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’ve passed up the Skull Shores doll so many times. Now that I actually want to buy her, however, she’s never on the shelf.

      I agree, she is pretty with her little bob!

  2. Hunajasieni replied:

    Could you take pictures without glasses? It would be awesome to see their whole faceup/make up you know? :3
    Awesome pictures, loved Frankies too, your pictures are so good! ❤
    Draculaura for next? 😀

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m trying to keep these guys as mint’y as I can so I don’t want to take their glasses off for this. 🙂 Good idea, though!

      I’ll be posting another poll next month and it just might be Draculaura…. :p

      Thanks for your comments!!!

  3. Emily Hall replied:

    E. All of the above. *_* I thought Jinafire would be my favorite MH, and I own both of her, but I think Ghoulia’s cute face has won me over.

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