Monster High Create a Monster Alternate Wig Ideas

As I mentioned in my review, the wigs in the Monster High Create a Monster set aren’t perfect.  But I bare good news– there are cheap alternatives and, better still, you can find them at your local toy store!

The other day, my mom was playing around with her Create a Monster set and discovered that Liv wigs work *really* well on the Create a Monster mold!  Liv wigs are built with a circular peg that you insert into the Create a Monster’s original indent. The doll on the left in the photograph below is wearing a Liv wig.

The doll on the right in the photo above is wearing a Moxie Teen wig.  Moxie wigs don’t have any pegs at all and are more similar to traditional BJD wigs.  They have a far less noticeable plastic band around the wig compared to the Create a Monster wigs options and, from what I can tell, fit the head much better.

Both brands’ wigs fit more naturally, as their hairlines aren’t so high. There are some really neat wigs in both lines, too, so you can outfit your doll with some neat hair.  You can find both Liv and Moxie wigs at your local toy store.

Do you know of an alternate wig choice that isn’t listed here?  Share it!


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  1. Reece replied:

    I was wondering if those wigs fit them. If you were also to customize a monster high doll then those may work too!

  2. Jessica Michelle Miller replied:

    I found out that some fur wigs can fit them. I wanted to make a troll like those little dolls with the super fuzzy hair so this type of wig was perfect. Someone told me where to get them, so if anyone wants one, I can link it to you! They range from 5-8$ or if those arent the colors you want, u can “create your own” which means you pick what color from a list for $10

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