My First Face Up Debut!

I’ve been buying BJD’s for a few years now.  The unique thing about the BJD community is the high number of people who buy blank, customizable dolls.  I’m no art student.  I’m artistic enough, but to paint a dolly face and make it look good?  That’s iffy territory…

A few months back, Hujoo gifted me 55 points on their website for a photo contest win.  Usually, I’d buy something with a factory face up.  In this case, however, I would have had to put in a lot of extra cash.  I decided to bite the bullet and buy a blank basic Hujoo.

Deciding what to do with her was hard.  Did I want a natural look?  A party girl look?  A dark goth look?  In the end, I decided on giving this girl a colorful, out to a party sort of look.  I didn’t want to give her anything too adult or too dark.  The key word was fun.  I wanted her to have a ‘fun’ face up.  Oh, and one thing was mandatory– freckles.  She needed freckles!

Using watercolor pastels and watercolor pencils, I created this work of art.  After getting a nice tan base color set, I started by working on her pink cheeks.

Next, I worked on her deep purple and electric blue eyes.  I had decided right off the bat that because she had such big eyes, they needed to pop.  Adding the blue really pushed the eye shadow over the edge– in a good way.

The eyebrows were probably the most challenging part of this face up for me.  Making things even has never been my strong point.  It took a few tries to get them as even as I could.

Next, I did the lips.  I chose a really deep pink, because I knew the sealer would decrease the color somewhat.  I debated whether or not to ‘line’ them with a pencil, but in the end, decided against it.

The eyelashes were a little nerve wracking, but I think they turned out pretty good!  They’re a little heavy, but they work.

Last, I worked on the freckles.  I had known I wanted freckles on this girl from the moment I ordered her.  With so little cheek area, I kept the freckles minimal.  I used yellow pastels on the bridge of her nose to accent the freckles.  The freckles might be my favorite thing about this girl!

By this point, I had sprayed her face twice with sealer.  Want to see the final product?

This is my Hujoo (currently nameless) with her new face up.  Once we sealed the face for the last time, her colors muted a bit, but still kept their pop.  This is what I wanted when I started– a face up that was fun and colorful, but not too adult or too dark.  I love, love, love how she turned out.  Not too shabby for my first face up, wouldn’t you say?

This process took about two days and went pretty smoothly!  I had imagined it being much worse than it was.  See my new Hujoo (left) next to my mom’s first attempt at a face up with her Berry, Maggie (right).

I’m looking forward to the next blank Hujoo I find myself in possession of.  Who will she be?  What will she look like?    I don’t know the answer to either of those questions yet, but I do know I’ll be trying this again!!!


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  1. littleroars replied:


  2. Jessica Andersen replied:

    Was this a resin or ABS plastic head?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      This Hujoo is made of ABS.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jasmina replied:

    You did a good job 4 a first time faceup! 🙂 do yo have any tips for me for a faceup on abs? 🙂

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’ve only really done one face up (this hujoo), so I don’t have a great number of tips! My top tips would be to a) start out with some idea of how heavy, colorful, done up you want the face to be before starting with whatever medium you choose and b) don’t worry about having too many layers of sealant on the abs. This girl has 3, I believe.

      Thank for stopping by! 🙂

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