New Release: Skipper Doll and Pet

I was browsing the other day and noticed this new Skipper– Skipper Doll and Pet.  Love the unique, inventive name, Mattel.  It will really help in selling this girl.  (Sidenote: I miss the days when you could easily identify a doll by the line’s name and look.   Any Skipper collector could tell you the difference between Totally Hair Skipper and Teen Time Skipper, but naming the dolls put out in the past few years by line or look– for me– would be tough!)

Below are two promo pictures of Skipper.  My opinion based on these images?  I like her.  I’m not over the moon excited about the release (because, really, do we need another dog?), but I’m not terribly disappointed.

Skipper comes with a pet, a little Pug, hence the ‘Skipper Doll and Pet’ name.  She is dressed in the traditional ‘sporty’ top she’s been wearing since her inception and a jean skirt. Surprisingly, I like the jean skirt.  It breaks up the monotony of her past looks a bit.

If Mattel uses the same body as in the promo images for the shelf doll, then it looks like we have another doll with arms molded in awkward postions, a huge pet peeve of mine.  I can only hope that Mattel uses a different body, so poor Skippers left arm isn’t stuck in the bent position.

The top pictures shows Skipper with blue highlights and the picture just above here has purple.  Until she is released, we won’t know what color highlight she really has!  From the promo images, I can’t complain about her make up or face mold.  While there doesn’t seem to be a drastic change to past releases, I like the styling on this girl.

Will the actual doll look like these promo shots?  Who knows.  I’ll be sure to let you know once I add her to my collection!  In the meantime, why not voice your opinion on this new release in the comment area!


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  1. D7ana replied:

    I like some of the screenings for this Skipper face mold. Some. I love the mini skirt here. I’m looking forward to one of the articulated Skippers – either the biking one with one of her sisters or the Target one with articulated arms and wrists.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I have the bike Skipper. She’s neat. I’m looking forward to the Target one you mentioned, too. I agree, Skipper does have a cute face most of the time; I just get sick of how repetitive everything is with every release. It’s always the same face, with the same hair, and a very tight ‘sporty’ outfit. I’d love to see some new outfits or hair. Some variety, you know?

  2. angie replied:

    I aboslutely love your reviews. My personal favorite skipper is home-coming queen skipper. If i had more space I would Love to buy these also.Are you going to have more reviews about skipper?

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