Re-Root: Susie Sad Eyes

I purchased a Susie Sad Eyes/Little Miss No Name lot online earlier this month.  I’ve wanted to try my hand at re-rooting both dolls and the price was great.  The first doll to be re-rooted?  Susie Sad Eyes.  Susie Sad Eyes dolls (of which there were many off shoots by different companies) were made in the sixties and seventies and were inspired by popular artist Margaret Keane’s big eyed portraits.

Susie started with rooted black hair.  The hair plugs were few and far between.  I’m still amazed the sporadic hair plugs actually work well on the head!  Also interesting to note is that Susie has quite a cone shaped head!

Susie received some left over hair I purchased from Dollyhair.  (I’ll edit in the exact name of the color when I go through my supply box!)

I think Susie looks much happier with this brighter shade of hair. It suits her pale face much better than the black she arrived with.

Susie is currently decked out in part of a vintage Skipper outfit.  I look forward to finding another Susie to re-root and experimenting on adding hair plugs to give her hair a fuller look.  She’s not the most well made of dolls, but I like how this re-root turned out!


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  1. Natalie replied:

    Do you have any cleaning tips?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Hello Natalie! We didn’t do anything fancy with Susie. For her body, we just used a hand towel and dish soap and gently cleaned her body. For her original hair, we would have conditioned it with a cream (creme) rinse or regular conditioner.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Andy replied:

    Can you elaborate more on how you rerooted her or did you use a tutorial that you can link to?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I use a tool to re-root. I plan on making a tutorial for that eventually, but I need new needles first! I bought a tool from You put a few strands of hair in a two pronged needle (that the tool holds) and push the needle into the hair plug (from the top of the head to the inside of the head). You slowly lift up the needle, leaving the hair in place. You go around the doll head, outside in, until all the hair plugs are filled. The hair is held in with tension until you are finished with your re-root and glue it in. I use Fabri-tac to glue the hair in because it is waterproof, clear, and good with fabric type materials (like hair!). I put together a tutorial on the knot method of re-rooting a while back. This is a more manual way of re-rooting and takes a lot longer, but some swear by it. I suggest checking out Dollyhair and picking up the tool. It really is simple once you get the hang of it! When I get new needles, I’ll post some tutorials on the tool method. 🙂

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