Keep Your Eyes Open!

It looks like Toys R Us and Target are slowly getting shipments of their Monster High Exclusives! Reports of people finding them are still few and far between, but it may not hurt to add a trip to both stores to your ‘to do’ list!

This Clawdeen/Howleen 2 pack can be found at Target.  It will be retailing $30.00 dollars.

The elusive Werecat Twins are exclusive to Toys R Us.  It looks like this 2 pack will cost you $34.99.  (But who’s really surprised at that?  It is Toys R Us!)

Blog Reader Sharayah was kind enough to share some important news about these new Monster High releases.  It seems Mattel has decided that going forward, they don’t plan on releasing each doll with a stand or comb.  Both of these two packs are stand and comb free.

According to Mattel, “There was a production change to many of the newly released Monster High dolls, and the products actually do not come with a doll stand or comb.”  This original question was directed towards these two 2 packs, but this response makes me wonder if we won’t be seeing much more of this throughout the life of the line.

I don’t mind missing the comb.  Half of the dolls in the line have hair that is hair sprayed to a point where the comb is useless, anyway.  The stand, however, is necessary for these dolls.  I have yet to try, but I don’t think their waists will fit in a regular doll stand.  Since they aren’t balanced to stand on their own, displaying these dolls might become far more of a hassle…

Big thanks for Sharayah for the info!  Now, let’s turn the tables a bit– what do you think of these dolls?  Which are you planning on picking up?  What do you think of the recent change to the accessories (ie: comb/stand)?  Share your thoughts!


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  1. Sharayah replied:

    Aw thanks for the shot out lol.
    I’ve done some more digging and from studying the photos of the packaged Jackson, Robecca, Rochelle, Venus, and roller derby girls I am coming to the conclusion that none of these will have stands. I can’t tell if the Dot Dead girls will have them or not as the photos are the most unclear of the bunch. I could be wrong but if you look at the photos of the boxes dolls closely there are no stands with any of them. My husband and I are contemplating casting replica stands. He seems confident it would work fine. We will see. Lol

  2. pun replied:

    I’m all the way on the bottom of the map in fort lauderdale just wondering where r u located around? I just want to know so I can get a rough estimate on when they will be coming down here in south florida. My daughters bday is on the 15 and it would be awesome to get them before her birthday it took me a while to get cupid,operetta,and neffra so hopefully I can score on those double packs! Thanks!!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m in the midwest. No where near Florida! :p Are you a visitor to the They have a forum where people list their dolly sightings. According to a post on that page, the Weretwins have been spotted in: Tarpon Springs, FL, Tallahassee, FL, Fort White, FL, Jupiter, FL and Hialeah, FL so far. They may have made their way to other places, too, but these have been documented. 🙂 (Source:

      The weretwins will be your best bet, I think. Very few people have found Howleen as of yet!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Anonymous replied:

        Thanks for the info!!! Hialeah is somewhat close its a little deep in miami that’s about an hour from me so hopefully they travel up here soon fingers crossed toys r us stocks tonight! Thanks a lot!!!

        • kewpie83 replied:

          Glad to help. I hope you find the dolls in time!

  3. Lucinda replied:

    I walked into toyrus today looking to kill time. There’s nothing like that feeling of finding something so amazing. The werecat twins will be perfect my little sisters who are also twins. 😉

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Congrats on your find. I totally agree with your comment!

  4. The Dancing Hare replied:

    Wow, that’s a pain that they aren’t including stands anymore. I de-box all my Monsters so I’ll miss that. Can you suggest a brand that might work for them?

    • pun replied:

      Hey went to target last night and found the 2 pack of clawdeen and her sister! So my daughter should be stoked for her bday! Still looking for the werecats but I was just replying to the no stand for the dolls and yes so far its true I don’t see any stands for them I wonder why? they would not give u stands its not like there runnin out of money! Lol! Happy huntings and good luck on ur finds!!

      • kewpie83 replied:

        I don’t get the stand thing either. It’s not like the prices of the dolls are going down due to cutting out the ‘extras’. It’s just an odd decision for Mattel to make.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m just going to start using Barbie sized Kaiser stands. The upside is that Kaiser stands are a little less bulky. The downside is that the waists may wobble a bit.

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