My New Addiction: Iwako Erasers!

I’ve been a fan of Re-Ment, particularly Re-Ment food, for some time. Re-Ment manufactures adorably detailed miniature food pieces, as well as furniture, animals and other mini items.  Just this past Christmas, I received a Re-Ment Hello Kitty Bakery case to finally display a few of the Re-Ment food pieces I’ve gathered over the years.

How does this tie in with Iwako Eraser’s, you ask?  Well, this past week I stopped into a shop called ‘Five Below’ and stumbled upon two packs of very cute eraser food pieces.  Iwako, a Japanese company, produces environmentally friendly erasers shaped to look like a multitude of different things.  From animals to food to sports, they have an eraser version of pretty much anything you’d ask for!  You can see the huge array of Erasers via their online museum!  Glutton for punishment, I purchased two multi-piece packs and a few single pieces.  Silly me, now I want more!  Below are pictures of the two multi-piece packs I purchased.

The Drinks and Snacks pack includes Milk, Orange Juice, a Vitamin drink, a bag of lettuce (I think!), two rice dishes and, from what I gather, a box of fried squid.  (Not exactly what I’m used to eating, but that makes this set even cooler!)

The Bakery package contains two loafs of bread, pizza, a doughnut, a tart and a cream puff treat.  Out of the package, they look like this…

The details in these two sets really blow me away.  They look like no eraser I’ve seen before!  Most of the items above have detachable pieces.  For example, you can take the strawberries off the tart.  Even the two containers have rice in them!

Back to the topic, I thought I’d dress up my Re-Ment Bakery case with a few of these delightful erasers…  The erasers are bigger than Re-Ment, but they look pretty good in the same bakery case.  Some changes had to be made– the doughnut is now a bunt cake and the tart is now a full on strawberry cake, but the single hotdogs and sandwiches I picked up look pretty good without any re-imagining!  Here’s the results!

The eraser food is on on the right side of the case: the hamberger, sandwich, hot dog, newly dubbed strawberry cake and bunt cake.  Here’s a closer look…

Excuse the angle of this shot, I was standing on a stool that was just a little too short to get a straight on close up.  This gives you a little better idea of the size difference between the Re-Ment pieces (mostly on the left) and the Iwako Erasers (mostly on the right).

Where can you find Iwako Erasers?  In the US, I have a feeling you’ll be able to find these wherever Ty products are sold and possibly  your local anime convention.  Like I said, I found mine at Five Below, but also saw these at a speciality ‘gift’ shop that had a large Ty section.  I, personally, think they’re awesome.  Will I use them as an eraser?  No way, but they’ll be great for photo shoots!

Do you have a food you’d like to have as an Eraser?  (My answer: Mrs. T’s Perogies!)  What do you think of these little Iwako Erasers? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. Zoe replied:

    Awesome! i shop at five below all the time, would those erasers be a good size for American Girls? (BTW, as our friends at Doll Diaries would say, Firstie!)
    another thing this is my first comment here!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Hi Zoe! The erasers are too small for American girl. They’re more for 1:6 scale dolls or tiny BJD’s (27cm or below).

  2. barbielea replied:

    I love them! I’ve already been looking for them in the UK, found a couple of suppliers and ordered some garden stuff. They also do great 1:6 scale toys that I’m very tempted by. Thanks for a great tip 🙂

  3. Pooja124 replied:

    I love iwako erasers now I’m an addict. I trade them with my friends and got great deals. I currently have 29 and still getting more. Stopping by 5 below today to see if I could get some!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      That’s a lot of erasers! Such a cool collection! I went to an anime convention expecting to see a ton of these for sale, but was very disappointed to see no venders had them. Looks like another trip to Five Below is necessary!

  4. Nicole Tan replied:

    I have a huge collection of those and well,I don’t have a fixed location for buying these,mostly at Japanese dollar stores and gift shops here and there! (I also have the first set you showed,just in a different colour.)

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