My Little Pony: 1982-1992

I’m in a My Little Pony mood.  This usually happens about once a year of so.  I’ll think of a Pony related thing (anything, really!) and then before you know it, I’m looking My Little Pony up on ebay, revisiting out Pony sites in my bookmarks, or in this case, writing about them! My Little Pony is a quintessential toy-line that helped define the 80’s and being a child of that decade, it’s safe to say that the awesome toy line had a positive effect on my childhood!

My Little Pony, the brain child of designer Bonnie Zacherle, debuted in 1982, a year before I was born!  Produced by Hasbro, the line began with six Earth Ponies: Cotton Candy, Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Minty, and Snuzzle.   Unlike ponies on the market before, My Little Ponies had colorful, candy colored bodies and hair and each had a unique picture on their hip that usually symbolized their name.

While these original six would eventually be reproduced over the years, you can recognize the 1982 line because the bottoms of their feet are flat and not concave like most of the Ponies on the market.  The bodies differ slightly, too.  They’re legs are slightly shorter and their head is more forward than ponies found the second year and on.

That original 1982 line spawned another 9 years of My Little Pony products.  The basic earth pony paved the way for unicorns, pegasi, flutter ponies, baby ponies  and even sea ponies!  Playsets were created and cool ponywear was sold so your ponies could be fashion forward.  Personally, I am still looking for Dream Castle and Paradise Estate.  One day, rest assured, they’ll be mine!!!!

A variety of My Little Ponies hit the store shelves through their 10 year run.  There were Rainbow ponies, ponies with rainbowy hair and hip marks.  So Soft ponies, a favorite of mine, were ponies with bodies that were flocked from head to  hoof (so to speak!).

Twinkle Eye ponies were adorable ponies with gem-like eyes.  Oh, and let’s not forget Flutter ponies, the ones that are the hardest to find mint because of their fragile wings!

My Little Ponies popularity soared most during 1985 and 1986 (years 4 and 5).  This is when the vast majority of new, unique ponies made their debut.  Lines like the before mentioned So Soft ponies and Twinkle Eye ponies hit shelves for the first time during this ‘heyday’.  For me, most of my childhood ponies (and favorites) are from years 4 and 5.

As the years passed, hip marks become more embellished and colors became brighter.    A new lean body type was introduced with the Sweetheart Sisters in 1988 (year 7) and was used occasionally throughout the rest of the run.

The later years of the My Little Pony lines had their bright spots.  The Perfume Puff ponies, for example, are one of my favorite lines (year 7).  Perfume Puff ponies were very stylish, with wild, poofy hair that was scented.  I’m also a fan of the Rockin’ Beat ponies from 1990 (year 9).  These ponies were decked out for the rock stage with bright colors, cool make up and guitars!

The My Little Pony line was discontinued in 1992.  With a ten year run behind it, it seemed like My Little Pony was going the way of Strawberry Shortcake or Carebears, but as it turns out, fate had other plans for our favorite little ponies…

My Favorite G1 My Little Ponies:

Megan and Sundance:  You don’t know how long I waited to get Megan and Sundance.  Seriously, it took nearly 20 years for Santa to put one under the tree.

Bow Tie:  I believe Bow Tie was my first My Little Pony.  I have such an affection for this girl that I eventually purchased the Italian version of her and want to collect other foreign versions.  I just love her freckles!

Rosedust, Flutter Pony:  I received Rosedust just before walking down the aisle as a flower girl for a family members wedding.  Of course, she’s wingless now, but still a favorite of mine!

Molly and Baby Sundance:  I was (and still am!) jealous of both Megan and Molly!  I mean, they talk to ponies for goodness sake!

Daisy Sweet, Perfume Puff pony : Her hair may be wild and uncontrollable, but I love this pony.  Daisy Sweet‘s hair still smells like perfume.

Sea Shell: I purchased Sea Shell at a doll show.  I’m a huge fan of the sitting pose, even if she can’t wear Pony wear!  I hope to pick up the Italian version of this girl one day because I love her freckles!

Slugger and Tex, Big Brother Ponies:  The big brother ponies are unique because of their size and their molded feet.  Plus, they had some really neat accessories.  Slugger and Tex are just two of the awesome Big Brother ponies.  I am on the hunt for Salty, Chief, and Wigwam.

Cherries Jubilee: This is the Italian version of Cherries, but I also own the US version.  What I like about this pony is her coloring.  I’m glad they chose this adorable peach over bright red.

Baby Ember: Ember is one of the first baby ponies made.  This girl came with a cassette tape called ‘Embers Dream’.  Unlike the three mail order ponies, this Ember has a ‘star’ for her hip mark and is light purple.

Baby Tic Tac Toe: This baby version of Tic Tac Toe is one of my favorites because of her bright coloring.  Because she was a ‘first tooth’ pony, she has a tiny little tooth sticking out of her mouth.

Year 1 Carrying Case and Baby Bonnet School of Dance:  This case isn’t actually my original case.  I did own this, but it broke when I was a kid.  I picked this case up at a doll show a few years back.  The graphics are really nice!  The Baby Bonnet School of Dance, however, is my original.  These are the only two playsets I own.  I may have owned the nursery, too, but I have a feeling it broke long, long ago.

I’m always on the look out for the Dream Castle and Paradise Estate play sets.  Check out the awesome Paradise Estate commercial below.

You can watch a slideshow with various G1 My Little Pony commercials on Youtube by visiting this link.

Interesting, it seems the My Little Pony line was ‘re-imagined’ in Japan during the mid 80’s.  Take a peek at the commercial below to see the Takara made ‘My Little Pony’…  They’re cute and totally Japan!

Check back soon for part two of my My Little Pony ‘series’!  In the meantime, share your My Little Pony memories below!  Do you have a favorite G1 pony?  Do you remember your first My Little Pony?  What do you think makes these Ponies so special that they’ve literally been popular for nearly 30 years? Is there a My Little Pony ‘grail’ item you’re searching high and low for?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Olivia replied:

    I have the my little pony dream estate in its original box and all the furnitures and stuff for it 🙂

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Lucky duck! I don’t know how you can keep it in the box, though. If it were me, it would have been out and about in no time!

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