C2E2 2012 Goodies

Friday, I attended the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2). I’m not a huge ‘comic’ person, but usually these conventions are filled with pop culture/entertainment and those elements are my cup of tea!  As I only had a Friday pass, I missed most of the celebrity guests on the playbill, however, I did score a few fun buys and attend a few entertaining programs.  While this post isn’t exactly about dolls, I thought you might be interested in hearing  a bit about it!

The day started off with a program hosted by the creators of the webcomic ‘Unshelved’, Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes.  It was one of the more entertaining convention programs I’ve been to.  Gene and Bill talked about how they got started, how certain strips came about, and even talked about some of the strips that didn’t work out as intended.  If you’ve ever worked at a library or even a job heavily based around books and customer service, check out ‘Unshelved’.

I also attended two ‘professional development’ type panels.  One of the panels was hosted by an entertainment lawyer who spoke about how to protect your ideas through copyright and trademarking.  The other panel was hosted by a TV writer who let us in on how he got his start and his current projects.  Both of these were interesting programs.

The dealers hall was as expected.  It had fewer ‘comic’ vendors aka vendors who’s booths are filled with cardboard boxes filled with single issue comics, a good number of ‘toy’ vendors, and (thankfully) a surprising amount of ‘unique’ vendors, selling cool Star Wars purses or fantastic looking, steampunk hats.

The artist alley was fantastic.  First off, it was huge, as in it could take you a good hour to see everything the artists had.  Second, it was filled with a large number of amazing artists.  And let’s not forget that the unique works of art each artist offers up are far better priced than anything you’ll find in the dealers hall!

Like all my past convention experiences, I left with my bags a little heavier than when they arrived.  My shoulder may be in a little pain today, but all in all, it was worth it.

The super big My Little Pony bag was free with a purchase from the WeLoveFine booth.  The bag is very similar to the ones handed out by Warner Bros. and most recently BBC America at San Diego Comic Con.  I purchased this shirt from WeLoveFine.  It isn’t very often that two of my obsessions collide like this (Doctor Who/My Little Pony). I was very tempted to get one of their Jem and the Holograms tee’s, too, but wanted to try the company out before buying a ton.

This Doctor Who Fob Watch is a reproduction of the one used in Series 3 of new ‘Who’.  I over paid by $5.00-10.00, but it’s a neat toy and a working fob watch.  It will come in handy if I ever need to be ‘steampunk’.

Newsie’s is my favorite movie and if I ever see any of the actors, you know I’ll be getting this one sheet signed!  Also, pictured is an Avatar: The Last Airbender promo print and a Spider-man print.

This is my purchase from the artist alley.  You may have seen this image on Deviant Art before…  If I were rich, I would have ended up with a print from Crystal Aura Wilson, Garth Cameron Graham, and loads of other talented artists!

All in all, C2E2 made for a great way to spend the day.  I feel like we (my mom and I) did a good job at experiencing both the programming end of things, as well as the vendors area.  If you are in the Chicagoland area and like pop culture, toys, and comics, you might want to check out the C2E2 website and add it to your calendar for 2013!


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