My Little Pony, G2, 1997-2003

As previously discussed, the original My Little Pony line ran for a whopping 10 years, 1982-1992, before it was unceremoniously shelved.  Late 1997, Hasbro relaunched their popular My Little Pony line (generation 2 aka G2) with a new look and story.

I don’t personally own any of the G2 ponies.  By 1997, I was 14 and was receiving more ‘mature’ gifts (necklaces, make up, purses, etc) for birthdays and holidays.  Few but my parents even purchased Barbie’s for me.  I’m not terribly saddened by this because for me, the charm of the original line didn’t follow through to the G2 line.

To me, the main problem with this re-launch was that all the ponies looked alike.  Unlike the original line that had different types of ponies (earth, flutter, pegasi) with different unique traits (flocked bodies, jewel eyes, etc), this pony line seemed to be far more based on accessories and playsets to make each of these ponies different. Still, while they’re not my cup of tea, there are some people who really do like this G2 line.

As I mentioned, these new G2 ponies had re-imagined bodies.  Similar to the Sweet Sisters from the original line, these ponies had longer, skinnier legs and were all together smaller, more mature looking features.

I’ve found conflicting information regarding the exact years in which this line ran, but from what I gather, the G2 line ran until 1999 in the US and early 2003 in Europe before being discontinued. While not as epic a run as the original line, I’m sure some collectors would call this ‘their’ My Little Pony line!  (Had to toss a Doctor Who reference in there somewhere!)

Want more information?  Check out these links!

G2 Info Wiki (US/Europe)  (Photo credits for this post go to this MLP Wiki!)

Dream Valley (US Line only)

G2 ID’s via Strawberry Reef


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