Company Spotlight: Adora Dolls

Recently, I became aware of a doll company by the name of Adora Dolls. Adora Dolls specializes in well crafted dolls in a range of sizes. Aside from having some adorable dolls in production, they also have a fantastic website. I highly recommend checking out their website and blog. While not the most affordable dolls, there is no denying their ‘cute’ factor.

According to Adora’s ‘about us’,

“We know what a difference a doll can make…how it can turn a frown upside down, build friendships, teach nurturing, bring comfort and turn a boring day into a day of play! That’s what makes Adora Dolls special.”

Here are a few of the photos of what Adora Dolls has to offer.

This little guy is part of the Nursery Time line. Isn’t he a sweety?  The dolls in this line are 16″ and made with baby scented vinyl with a soft fabric body.

I was a Girl Scout as a kid.  I started in Daisy’s and went all the way up to Cadets.  I would have continued onto Senior scouts, but my troup disbanded and I didn’t have the resources to ‘go it alone’.  For that reason, I thought I’d share this Adora line with you fine readers.  These dolls are 18″ and similar to American Girls.  These dolls seem like the perfect gift for a young Girl Scout!

My mom collects Dorothy’s, so during an online Christmas gift hunt, I stumbled upon this Wizard of Oz themed line.  One word– adorable.

When I have a baby, I want him to look like this! The red hair and blue eyes just slay me.  I really hate to be redundant, but really, he is such a cutey!  I’ve never been a baby doll collector, but this 20″ Premium Toddler won me over instantly.

These photos are just a few of the wares Adora Dolls has to offer.  Rest assured, if I get my hands on an Adora doll, I’ll make sure to give you all a full review!

For information on the company and to see other adorable dolls, check the the Adora Doll website.


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