Dolly Review: Monster High Jackson Jekyll Basic Doll

During a recent Monster High hunt, my mom and I found the new basic Jackson Jekyll doll!


There are three main pro’s for this Jackson Jekyll doll.  First, he comes with a stand!  Unlike the exclusive sets Mattel released in past months, Jackson does come with a stand.  This is helpful, especially since he doesn’t stand well on his own.  Also, unlike past male dolls, Jackson has jointed wrists.  He can easily be manipulated to hold items or pose with other dolls.  The third pro?  Jackson’s hair.  It is so much better than it was on his original ‘Gloom Beach’ release.  His ‘Basic’ hair is still locked down with a ton of hair gel, but if it bugs you, it’s very easy to wash out.


As far as cons go, I only see two problems with Jackson.  First, I wish he could stand on his own.  There are male dolls that do that really well.  Jackson, however, isn’t one of them.  The second flaw has less to do with the doll, so much as Mattel.  After taking Jackson out of the packaging, I noticed he still had bits of trimmed hair all over his neck.  Couldn’t someone have taken a brush to the doll before slapping him into the box?  Quality control is still an issue with these Monster High dolls, it seems.

Overall, I like Jackson.  He’s a well designed basic doll and should photograph well.  What do you think of Jackson?  Share your thoughts below!


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  1. barbielea replied:

    Congrats on your new addition! I love Jackson. He`s my favourite male in the line so far, his geeky glasses are so cool – I’m definitely on the lookout for him. By the way, I recently got a boxed Trichelle who was also covered in bits of hair. I presumed I had clipped the top of her do when I stuck the scissors into the sellotape of the close-fitting outer box she was posted in, but now I am wondering if she came from the factory like that? Very poor! Best wishes 🙂

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’d put money on your Rochelle coming from the factory that way. Speaking of which, I just received Rochelle from Amazon and love her look!

      • barbielea replied:

        Trichelle lol! 🙂 Well, Rochelle’s a nicer name anyway … Yes, I’m a fan of their style, they get all the best clothes and I particularly like the natural-haired dolls. Anyway, I’ve noticed SIS quite often have factory faults, like a lot of MHs seem to – I’ve got a Grace with a split leg and several others with plastic “burrs” or other faults. I appreciate that both lines are relatively cheap, but I wish they’d sort it out.

  2. schwamarty replied:

    I totally love his doll and actual overall character design. They have yet to make a greater male doll besides his counter component Holt Hyde. I have pics of the both hand drawn on I am a fan fave

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I adore Holt. He’s my favorite male doll in the line, too. His hair is fantastic!

  3. pun replied:

    Where did u guys find the new dolls at? I hope theryre not a special one store thing like they been doin with the 2 packs and others keep me informed thanks a lot and happy hunting!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      We found Jackson at Meijer and just recently, Rochelle on Neither Jackson or Rochelle are exclusive, so you should be able to find them at any store.

  4. emily replied:

    were do you get your monster high dolls at ?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’ve found them all over the place. I live by Target, Meijer, Toys R Us, and Walmart… Lots of places to hit up during my Monster High hunts!

  5. Sage Meredith replied:

    I love Jackson, but i already have him. My biggest complaint is that i’ve been to over 5 states looking 4 monsterhigh dolls. Mattel knows these dolls have sky rocketed, yet they have failed 2 keep them in supply. I’m a disabled teenager and mh is my main life since i’m not able to go 2 school. My mom works part time and still manage’s to take me. It really makes me heart broken. if u know where i could find a spectra that would be great thanks.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Hi Sage. I haven’t seen Spectra in *ages*.

      I understand your disappointment with Mattel. You think after nearly three years, they’d have figured out a good way to get these dolls on shelves. Course, the stores themselves are partly to blame, too, as well as the so called ‘collectors’ who buy the dolls *just* to make a profit on ebay… What I find the oddest about Mattel’s end, though, is that I don’t think I’ve once seen these dolls appear on You would think that they would hit that site first, right?

      Anywho, thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. Good luck with Spectra!

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