My Little Pony, G3 (2003-2010)

I’ve covered the original My Little Pony toy line (G1) and the second generation (G2), now it’s time to talk about the third reincarnation (G3) of My Little Pony.  In 2002, Hasbro decided it was time to re-release their beloved My Little Pony line.  Theses ponies would be shorter and rounder than the ponies of the past.

Wave one, Glitter Celebration, consisted of four ponies: Kimono, Pinkie Pie, Sparkleworks and Minty.  Alongside these (or within a short time of eachother), Hasbro also released the Rainbow Celebration line, which also consisted of four ponies: Rainbow Dash, Sunny Daze, Wysteria, and Sweetberry.   These ponies would be reproduced many times for many different G3 sets during the 7 year run.

Year one products also included many playsets, Pony multipacks, and most exciting, the first of three mail order pony, Dazzle Surprise.  (I was supposed to get this pony with my pony points, but once I gathered enough, she was sold out.  I received the second mail in pony, SunShimmer, instead.)

In 2005, Hasbro released their first San Diego Comic Con pony.  They would continue the tradition 2007 through 2011.

A slew of ponies were released between 2003-2007.  In 2008 (year 5), Hasbro trimmed the line a bit and started concentrating on the ‘Core 7’, namely Cheerilee, Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash, StarSong, Sweetie Belle, and Toola-Roola.  (A side note here– it surprises me that Minty wasn’t put in with the Core 7.  Yes, we did see a lot of Minty the years prior, but we saw just as many Pinkie Pie’s hit the shelves and she was included.)

Mattel kept some ‘variety’ in the line by adding ‘Art Ponies’ to their list of products during the later years.  These ‘Art Ponies’ had a more adult feel to them and, if I do say so myself, came in awesome boxes with pony cutouts showing off both sides of your pony. My personal favorite in this line is the Junko Mizuno pony, who was decked out in ‘ice’ shoes and a furry hood.  She’s a very cool pony.

If I had to put the My Little Pony lines in an order from favorite to least favorite, this G3 line would come in second, just behind the original G1 line. Hasbro made some pretty neat ponies and I’m not just talking about the super cool Art Ponies, but some basics’, as well.

The G3 line had a different ‘end game’ than the earlier reincarnations.   While Mattel has released a small handful of G3’s for special events since their demise, the G3’s made a slow exit from toy store shelves in 2010, which coincided with the launch of the G4 line, Friendship is Magic.  (But that, my friends, I’ll save for another post!)

My Favorite G3 Ponies:

Bumblesweet, 2004

Bumblesweet is an adorable G3 pony.  I love the coloring of her body and eyes.

Rain or Shine Garden Time Starswirl, 2004

I love the ponywear on this girl.  It looks great on her white body.

Pony Point Exclusive- Sunshimmer, 2004

I sent in for SunShimmer with my Pony Points.  I love how her hair compliments her body color.

Kimono, 2003

I love Kimono.  The yellow on her symbol works great with the purple.

Bowtie, 2004

While drastically different than the original Bowtie, I still like this pony.  Her hair is a bit flat now, but I like the mixture of colors in her mane and tail against her white body.

Links To Check Out:

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Share your thoughts on the G3 ponies below by leaving a comment!


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  1. Dollgirl4 replied:

    I have a G3 pony that’s orange with fireworks on her butt. I have no idea what her name is. Do you have any idea?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Hi Dollgirl4, I suggest visiting ‘Where the Rainbow Ends’ under ‘links to check out’. They have an ID program where you can search via pony color and symbol. 🙂 Thanks for visiting this little blog!

      • Dollgirl4 replied:

        Her name is Sparkleworks. Thanks!

  2. The Dancing Hare replied:

    Seeing these pictures makes me miss the excitement of finding new G3s. I still have my (rather large) collection. I guess it saves me money that I don’t like any of the new style ones!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I don’t care for the G4 line, either. I only own one, a Fluttershy, because I felt I needed at least one in my collection. The cartoon is well done, but the toy line is just so redundant.

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