Mattel Announces Monster High SDCC 2012 Exclusive!

Scarah Screams is the official San Diego Comic con (SDCC) 2012 exclusive Monster High doll!

Now that it’s announced, I have to admit, it seems like an obvious choice.  If you recall, Scarah was originally displayed at SDCC 2011, along with two other dolls, the Headless Headmistress and the daughter of Arachne.  Mattel asked fans to choose their favorite of the three and Scarah won.  Since the contest took place at SDCC, it just make sense that she’d become an SDCC exclusive!

I’m on the fence with my thoughts on this exclusive.  Personally, I think the Headless Headmistress would be a much cooler doll to purchase.  Scarah is cute, but not exactly as awe inspiring as the original black and white Frankie from 2010.

There are four ways you can get this doll.

1- Attend SDCC, run to the Mattel booth as quickly as your legs can take you, and hope and pray that you’ll eventually get in a line to purchase her.  (Emphasis on ‘hope and pray’!  The lines at SDCC are *always* a mess and half the time, standing in line for hours doesn’t work in your favor!)

2- Pre-purchase the doll on MattyCollector and pick her up at-con.  This option only works if you are attending the convention.  Rules can be found by following this link.

3-Pre-order her on eBay for the best price possible pre-con.  In past years, I’ve never spent more than $50.00 for the exclusive.

4-Hope and pray (yeah, that again!) that MattyCollector receives a small shipment to sell post-con.  Last year, you could easily get the 2011 Ghoulia on MattyCollector at convention pricing ($20.00) for days before she sold out.  This is the route I think I’ll be going this year.

Are you excited about this newest Monster High doll?  Do you plan on purchasing her?  What route do you think you’ll be taking?  Share your thoughts below!


Here’s the official SDCC image!

From MattyCollector: “Last July, fans everywhere voted for the next Monster High® character – online on Facebook, and live at Mattel’s booth at SDCC.  It was a close vote between Headless Headmistress Bloodgood™, Scarah Screams™ and Daughter of Arachne. Scarah Screams™, daughter of the Banshee, won the fan vote and is excited to make her dreadful debut as the SDCC featured item for 2012. Ghostly gossip on the street is that she may be bringing a date to the party. Stop by the Monster High® booth at SDCC 2012 to find out!”

Hmmm… Makes me wonder, might Hoodude be on the right side of the box?  SDCC pre-orders are already sold out for this possible two set, but keep an eye on eBay and you might get a good price for her!  (I’ll be keeping my eye on eBay with you!)


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