Life in the Dreamhouse Web Series

Mattel recently launched a new web series starring Barbie, Stacie, Skipper, and Kelly Chelsea entitled, ‘Life in the Dreamhouse’.  Bear with me here, okay? You have to watch this web series.  Seriously.  On the surface, it looks like a lot of ‘corn’, but it has some great satirical elements mixed throughout the episodes that make this production quite entertaining!  Take a peek at the pilot episode where Barbie takes Nikki and Teresa on a tour of her closet. One of my favorite parts is at 01:03.  What can I say?  I’m easily entertained.

A few things I love about this series?

  • Their movement- I love that the characters move like they’re dolls.  Notice Ken’s hands– if they are in a neutral position, they’re just like his dolly counterpart!  Also, as seen in episode 7, A Day at the Beach, the characters were designed with doll like joints.  It’s a small thing, but I love it!
  • Skipper!  Yay for Skipper!  You probably aren’t surprised by this, though, as I am a Skipper collector…
  • Satire-  Mattel was super smart to take the satirical approach to this web series.  It will entertain collectors both young and old!
  • Ken-  I’ve enjoyed his character in the last few movies and love that he’s an active cast member in this web series.  He’s goofy, but endearingly funny.

The web series went live May 14th.  Mattel will be updating their Youtube page with a new episode every Friday.  And better yet, they’re uploading the episodes in multiple languages, including Italian, French, and German, so no one is left out. Check out the official webpage for more information on the series.

Love the series?  Hate the series?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!


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