Re-Root: My Scene Barbie/Kennedy on Obitsu body

I spent the majority of last week re-rooting.  I thought I’d show off one of two dolls I’ve had waiting in the wings.

There’s a bit of a story behind this doll.  It’s not an extremely long story or fantastically interesting story, but there is a story, nonetheless.  Many months back, I won a 27cm obitsu body from Junky Spot, an awesome online BJD shop.  I had given up on using it and decided to pass it on to my mom.  My mom decided that instead of the traditional obitsu head, she’d use a re-rooted My Scene head.  (The obitsu head I had purchased way back to go on the body just looked far too tiny!!!) So, I set off to work on her.  Here’s the end result!

Photo credit belongs to my mother, Barbee0913. Barbie was re-rooted with nylon Lemon Drop and Key Lime hair purchased via Dollyhair.

Barbie is dressed in My Scene clothing.  Her obitsu body is really posable due to the fact that her feet have magnets on them that stick to the base she came with. I really like how this Barbie turned out and, more importantly, my mom loves her new, unique My Scene!


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  1. barbielea replied:

    She looks great! Love her re-root, the colours are lovely and her hairline is perfect. Best wishes

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thanks! This is the first of many My Scene re-roots. I picked up four or five from a store called Savers (a huge thrift store chain) and plan on working on those within the next few months.

      • barbielea replied:

        I have a similar project going on with some Sindy clones. I love re-rooting but at the moment my affection is being seriously tested! Sterling job, anyway, I look forward to seeing your others 🙂

  2. Naya replied:

    How did you get the barbies head on the body did you had any difficulties?

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